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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by DrRonP, May 22, 2020.

  1. DrRonP

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    First shave with this and all I can say is wow! It exceeded expectations. I expected it to be more efficient than my RazoRock GameChanger Jaws (and it is). What I didn’t expect is it to be so smooth! Effortless BBS shave. Fit and finish are quite great. I wasn’t sure I’d like the birch bark handle but it’s actually quite nice. Very different from my other razors. It also makes the razor very top heavy, which I think adds efficiency to the shave. I I also highly recommend ShaveNation.Com who shipped quickly, packaged with great care and threw in a free shaving towel with my order. I’ll definitely shop there again!

    Note: I tried to upload a pic but it says the file is too big?!
  2. twhite

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    What Head is on this? Or close facsimile?
  3. DrRonP

    DrRonP New Member

    It’s the newer version of the R96.

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  4. DrRonP

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    So I believe it’s the V4 head.
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