New STR8 Users Declining?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Spyder, Dec 26, 2018.

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    Come join us!
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    Anyone who enjoys straight razor shaving with but one straight razor is a man of tremendous discipline!

    Straight razor purchasing [of new-production European straight razors] is declining, as is their production. The maximum lead time that I can recall in now ten years in this business was about 2 years and that occurred some time in 2012. Now the lead time is only a few months.

    As to this burr method stuff, isn't a straight razor just a (very) thinly ground knife with its sharpening jig built in to the knife body (that being the spine)? As such, it seems like the "burr" creation is potentially sound principle for ensuring you've created an apex that's dictated by the spine-to-edge-on-stone geometries, _IF_ you don't cause the hollow ground knife to flex _AND_ don't mind throwing away some steel. When we're young, fighting over the water at the base of a glacier seems silly. Maybe one day it doesn't seem silly.

    I've always espoused the notion of intentionally (and gently) dulling an unknown-edge-condition razor's edge on glass before starting the process of establishing a bevel as a means to ensure that that which you create (once the razor's once again cutting arm hair at all points along its edge when held flush to the skin) has been geometrically formed by your stone's surface. Furthermore, I wholly accept that those who say that is an unjustified waste of steel are, in the literal sense, entirely correct. You've discarded fully functional steel and could have achieved your objectives while retaining that steel.

    But how much steel is really wasted, in the perspective of what remains to the razor, and what remains to our human lifespan? Perhaps very little, in exchange for a bulletproof assurance. Perhaps a lot, for a well worn razor and a young man intending to pass to his grandchildren. Maybe a good trade, or maybe not. One's age, their value placed on a tool, and the wear on the razor will be mitigating factors here.

    There's plenty of self-taught information in the straight razor realm that cannot be trusted. Even within this very thread, there are people well known who have stated repeatedly that Dovo lifts their spine when setting their bevel. This is not the case. I've even made a video on the popular video site all about that calling them by name, hoping that they'd retract their libelous statements. In fact, they have both done the opposite, and being that one of them is a working professional in this industry is nothing short of shameful. Furthermore, in nearly any barber manual there will be instructions on the need to keep the hone flat, and yet the producers of the razors themselves universally adhere to a different principle, that which states the hone should be formed elliptically.

    The online newcomer reading is challenged with the introspective debate of who and what to trust as fact, and will always have this ability clouded by the many reaffirmations of those who, too, espouse only that which is most commonly stated, rather than learned from an actual producer. This is unfortunately not at all good for promoting the use of straight razors.
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    Or he really wants to get the house paid off in the spring.... Big grin.

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    As much as I've enjoyed learning to use, hone, and maintain a SR for my sole purposes, I miss my Barbasol Floating Head, John Watts Gleaner Open Comb, 1916 Old Type, Micromatic, E Type Schick, and '59 Red Tip (currently loaned out for a shave off with a Fat Boy) at times. I see myself going back and forth more. It's been a good ride.

    I once had my great grandfather's SR that was destroyed in a fire. I had always wanted to have use it. I feel now that I have lived his experience.
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    Your going to have to do something about that. You need at least three, one for backup, while one gets sharpened, and the other, just in case of an accidental breakage.
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    I dont miss any of my DE Razors, and I have a large collection. Once and a while I travel, and use a Gillette Fatboy, or my Barbasol Floating Head. Doesnt compare to the shaves of a good Straight.
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    Perhaps this summer. I am very budget minded, and worse case I use an open comb for a while. My goal, however, is to use the one straight for the next few weeks so I can really get a good handle on it.

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  8. Chuck Naill

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    Maybe, but it's so personal that I could never say what compares one way or the other to another person. My interest it not a good shave. My interest is experiencing the past. The past for me interest is pre 1965.
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    If he needs one I have a few laying around.....LOL!!
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  11. Karl G

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    Only three? :happy102:
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    My counting, of my own, might be off, by just a little. :D
    Don't Judge Me!!!:kar::eatdrink047:
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  13. Spyder

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    In your case that means 300. So you must have thinned out the herd a little;)
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    Well, I just started a few weeks ago. So maybe declining, but not dead yet. Thanks in large part to the internet of course. Were it not for the mountain of online information available to curious types like me, it would be much closer to extinction.
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    Excellent post, thank you!
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    So I’m guessing that in the spring we shall see the floodgates open up.;)
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    I don't know about open. Perhaps the dike will have a few holes. Things were incredibly tight early on in my marriage. I worked two jobs and made less than 22k a year, with two young children (2 and under) and a stay at home wife. I now significantly more, but can't allow myself to spend beyond my budget.

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  19. lindyhopper66

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    I agree with you Spyder. Straights are great shaving tools. I much prefer them to DE's and SE's which I own a lot of and have used in the past. There is nothing like the feel of a straight razor shave. My face feels better after a SR shave than with a DE or SE or shavette. Honing and stropping aren't that difficult and you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for hones or lapping film or pastes to touchup or hone a razor. It just takes an interest and practice.
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  20. lindyhopper66

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    You are wrong on all points. Straight razor shaving started a big upswing 8 to 10 years ago and has been picking up ever since. The prices of razors have gone down except for the new artisan ones. If you think the use of the straight razor isn't increasing because people don't want to put in the time to learn something, does that mean people are getting increasingly lazy? I don't think so.
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