New to Pipe tobacco any advice?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by myles wilson, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Glondus

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    i smoked pipe for near 5 years, then my doctor banned any tobacco to me after my cancer treatment.
    it is a good hobby, but bare in mind that smoking is not healthy :)

    for my advices,
    - try different tobaccos, you should decide what you like and what you dont like. i was not a aromatic smoker for example.
    - it is ok to relight the pipe, dont feel to smoke every second to keep the light on. be slow and gentle while puffing. smoke like drinking whiskey not beer, if it is more clear :)
    - virginia blends tend to burn too quickly as they contain too much sugar in them, oily tobaccos burn on their own even if left aside.
    - there are very good videos on youtube such as muttnchop piper, really cool guy. check his channel for review and technics
    - pipeandcigar was one of the sites i bought my pipe and tobaccos, their youtube channel is awesome. they explain different tobaccos, burning, relight, packing etc.
    - as a beginner it is ok to have nicotine hit. it is a feeling that cause you to fill sick and light headed. stop smoking when it happens, try to have a chocolate to raise your blood sugar.
    - tongue burn is also common as a beginner, it is due to hot smoke hitting your tongue. try to lead the smoke away from your tongue, and again puff slow and watch the smoke as it hits your mounth, if it is hot slow down.
    - dont drink something acidic like soda or beer. also i personnaly dont recommend something very cold, it will avoid you to feel the smoke temperature and next day you can have tongue burn :) ice tea or ice coffee without too much ice in it is very nice.
    - your pipe is not bend, so you might have hot tobacco water when you puff. to avoid it try to keep the bowl down as you smoke. and again slow puffs :)
    - never ever disassemble your pipe while it is hot.
    - always clean your pipe never leave it with tobacco in it, a wipe with paper towel will do fine. leave your pipe to dry at least 24hr as it is a briar.

    edit: i couldnt find the exact link but had packs of 2nd grade pipes. they were sending 10pipes with small cosmetic issues, it is nice to see if you like a type of pipe so you can invest more to that specific type.

    if you have further detail questions, i am happy to help. enjoy your smokes
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  2. Zykris

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    Everyone’s advice is spot on. Only thing I can add, is do what you enjoy and experiment. I’ve slowed down with pipe smoking but I found I like poker style pipes and corn cobs the best. I appreciate all the types of blends, which I’ve only sampled like 7. I’ve found I enjoy Latika blends a bit more than aromatics. As you gain experience, you’ll get the idea.
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  3. Glondus

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    oh sweet latakia and dark kentucky :)
  4. LCBurt

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    Great advice here.

    A couple things I have learned is for me a Corn Cob pipe is a wonderful pipe especially the Missouri Meerschaum brand. I find it takes me a half dozen bowls before I quit tasting the newness of the pipe and although I have a few favorite briar's I have cobs that are always in the the rotation.

    Don't get rid of a tobacco that you try and don't like at first... Jar it up and give it another try in 6 months. Your palate may change and time aging in a jar really makes some tobacco's come to life. One of my main blends that I smoke today I didn't car for the first few times I smoked it.

    If you are trying a tobacco without humectant play with moisture levels, some are a bit damp out of the tin and benefit from 20 to 30 minutes dry time. A little on the damp side smokes completely different than a little on the dry side. Most of the common tobacco that you will find at a drug store or party store like Captain Black, Sir Walter Raleigh or Prince Albert will have humectants to keep the tobacco moist and trying to dry them doesn't work as well for me. I enjoy some of the drug store/OTC tobacco's especially Half and Half and Carter Hall.

    I have used Pipes and Cigars several times and have only had one minor issue that they were quick to rectify. I don't have any issues with ordering from them and will usually throw a tin of something I haven't tried on with my normal order.

    It is a real pleasure for me to relax on my deck with a good pipe and a glass something nice. Tonight might be Hussong's Anejo Tequila. If you like Tequila I highly recommend!

    Good luck with the pipe!

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