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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by clint64, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. clint64

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    Hi, my name is Clint. I'm 49 soon to be 50 years old from Atlanta, GA. I have used cartridge razors for my shaving life. Decided to take the plunge into DE shaving about a month ago. Using a Merkur 34c and for the most part I'm pretty happy with the progress. No irritation and apart from the first day no nicks or weepers. Getting a DFS consistently but still having trouble mastering the area under my nose and point of my chin. Can't believe I've waited this long to make the change. I hope to learn a lot from more experienced members and in time pass along that knowledge. Thanks again.

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    Hi Clint! Welcome to TSD! Please sign up for the Newbie Give-Away HERE
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    Greetings Clint! :signs046: to the Shave Den. You'll learn a lot here. :)
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    Welcome, I just joined here today as well.
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    Glad you landed here. Sounds like you are off to a great start. You will fit in fine here.
  6. clint64

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    Thanks guys. Spent some time lurking here before taking the plunge into DE Shaving.
  7. GDCarrington

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    Since you are new to the Double Edge world, here is the advice I received when I started with a DE and so I freely give it to new users. The most important things in shaving are, your skin and technique. All other things fall in line behind those two things and to support them. Since the skin is a given fixed item, the next major item is technique. It is called THE 30 DAY RULE.

    THE 30 DAY RULE is as follows: Find a razor, then a blade that will not cause issues with your skin (that may take a few different blades in a sampler pack to find a suitable choice or it maybe the first out of the gate) and select a soap or cream that is easy to generate good lather. Once you find those, and it may take a couple of weeks to find this combination, order a quantity of that blade enough for 30 days, and then spend 30 days using nothing else until you build up your technique. (Note that only one brand blade is used for 30 days after each blade in the sampler pack is tested to make the decision on the blade brand to use for 30 days.) The 30 day clock starts when you have the right blade for you.

    After 30 days, change one and only one variable and work for another week then change another after another week. At that point you should be able to make better decisions because your technique is now in place.

    This will help you to avoid buying too much gear and stuff too soon without having the technique down to enjoy it all.

    This really does work.

    Oh and one more thing ...

    Welcome to the Den.

    We know you'll fit right in.

    So grab yourself a comfy chair,

    and give our threads a spin!

    Burma Shave
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    Welcome to the den, you'll like it here!
  9. BigT

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    Welcome to the Den!
  10. Radiotube

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    Welcome! I have been a DE shaver for about 4 years, but just started getting interested in vintage razors. I'm here to learn as well!
  11. Slipperyjoe

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  12. 178-bplatoon

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    :signs046: to TSD "clint64"

    I'm glad your enjoying "traditional" shaving so far..It only gets BETTER and BETTER!! :happy088:
  13. VedderLG

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    Welcome to the Den!
  14. wristwatchb

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    Hi Clint, and welcome! You are off to a great start on your DE shaving journey!
  15. youngunn

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    Welcome, good group of guys here, taught me how to shave like a real man...
    That 34C is a great beginner razor, was my first as well. Enjoy the experience of wet shaving with real equipment, before you know it the addiction (affliction?) will have you and you'll have 20 razors and soaps and a thousand blades... Lol
  16. Bama Samurai

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  17. soapbuddy

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    Welcome to The shave Den!
  18. macaronus

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    Hi and welcome to TSD! Happy Shavings!
  19. gillette24

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    welcome aboard Clint!! good choice getting into traditional shaving!

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