New to this, looking for advice

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by Michael Hall, Jan 23, 2018.

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    :signs011: Welcome!
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    :signs011: +2

    There are mild to aggressive razors across the different types of razors. That being DE, SE, Injector or even Straight Razors. I'm with @Kilgore Trout pick up a nice Schick Injector. They can be found cheap on the Bay depending on the model you get.
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    Welcome, from Texas.
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    Hi from Seoul, nice to meet you.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Thanks for all the welcomes. Tried the 66 travel tech. Worst razor burn ever. Surprised me cause it is closed comb. I think it is the weight and length difference. Probably used too much pressure. Still thinking about the r41. Going to buy the gem as well. Thanks for all the advice.
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    Ride the cap. Clickable link in my signature below.
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    @wristwatchb, I tried to pm you, said I was blocked. Might be doing something wrong. I am interested in brushes and soap.
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    There are mild straight raxors.....I think those are called dull. Probably from to many bricks....just saying.
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    If agree with some of these guys above - you won't find a much better shave than the razor you already have. The Gillette NEW is an excellent razor.

    I haven't tried an r41 (or a slant razor) but they're meant to be more aggressive - certainly may be the change you are seeking

    Or as many have suggested, go SE or injector. Different shave again - but you'll be hard pushed to go smoother than you probably are already getting.
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    :signs046: to TSD @Michael Hall

    Remember any excuse to get another razor is a good excuse. It's not about need as much as desire!:)
    Travel razors are pretty easy to find, so if it's in that good a condition you can always find another one a little more used.
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    Things to try;
    A sampler pack of different blade brands. There is no objective “best brand” so you need to try and find what works best for you.
    An adjustable razor- there are some great vintage Gillette adjustable.
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    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest.
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    Welcome to TSD. I think they call it the "rabbit hole" once u start buying shave gear . Enjoy
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    Welcome to the Den amigo.... :signs046:

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