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    Fabulous buy off eBay which arrived today. A Sandland Shaving mug made in my own city of Stoke-on-Trent ,actually town of Hanley.
    So nice to have something from the famous potteries! Only £1.00 bar the postage ... Bargin
    I shall have to try it with my shave tonight!!
    I also picked up a used Edwin Jagger DE89 for £12.00 it’s immaculate so so pleased!
    I’ve gone a bit mad in last two weeks
    Also had a super speed flair again immaculate and a Gilletch Alu tech and a Gillette Aristocrat Junior . My roughly made razor stand just ain’t large enough anymore!!

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    I love it when I find vintage "local" stuff. I work in Portland, Oregon and was delighted to find an old unground straight razor blade blank marked "FINGER'S WEDGE GRIND" and "PORTLAND, ORE. on eBay.


    Completly useless of course, but a fun conversation piece. One of these days I plan to swing by Portland Razor Co. and see if they would be interested in doing one last "custom" razor with it.
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    Nice find and as you say local!!
    Get it done it will add some great character
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