No. 00 Frictionite Owners Guide And User Information

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Timwcic, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Timwcic

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    I rescued this Frictionite from the dirt mall last weekend along with a few other stones. This is one of the older hones manufactured in Olean, NY. I already have a few, but this was the first one I have in a box. Did not take a close look at it until this evening. It is clean, no crazing, and looks to have very low mileage. What is interesting is what I found in the bottom. Fitting perfectly inside was a piece of paper. I was hoping it was a purchase receipt to give it some provenance. After a few shots of canned air and carefully working it loose with a dental pick, out came a user guide. First one I ever seen. Using the Google machine, I could not find any other. So for your viewing pleasure, and it you have any interest, a original Frictionite user guide

    BA940F87-E5F0-47BD-8920-FB45D37D641B.jpeg B3191B84-9D7A-4458-8D3F-E3095C73F7EB.jpeg D374078A-882B-49AB-931F-57896C6DBAC0.jpeg 32CEAF66-9ECE-4113-952A-6389FF4759A4.jpeg 6BF425F1-4918-48BD-B902-2E303CF435BE.jpeg
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    Awww, now I want one of those too!
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    Very cool hone .:drool:
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    I know they go for stupid money. IIRC the competition lumber jacks from around the world pay what the have to to get one. I have several from over the years. Had one lapped and conditioned but never really used it. Have a Synthetic Coticule in the BR if needed. All of the Frictionite’s I have were either loose or in the little green pouch. Finding one with the user info, that I had never seen before, was special
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