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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by PalmettoB, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Okay, I discovered this li'l beauty over at TOP. But I thought it was time to open up a discussion here about the neatest coffee invention since, well, coffee!

    Now, sure, there are nicer, more expensive, and "sexier" coffee makers, presses, etc. But for the price, convenience and well, fun, of this thing, it just can't be beat.

    If you don't have one of these, and you enjoy good coffee, you really need to get one!*

    Anybody else wants to chime in here, feel free. Ideas about how you use yours (do you use a kettle? microwave your water?** have a slightly different approach to the balance of water and coffee than what the instructions call for?), post 'em here!

    *Not a paid endorsement, nor do I personally know the inventor nor have any stake in the sales or promotion of this product!

    **Yeah, I know...they "say" not to microwave liquids, but many of us do it anyway.
  2. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    AeroPress Coffee maker

    I have two of them. One at home and one at work. I have a french press collecting dust and a nice Cuisinart DCC-1200 12 cup for company.

    2 AeroPress scoops of favorite coffee @ paper cone filter grind
    Top of #2 on the Tube of just off boil filtered water
    Drizzle a little water into grounds and quick mix 5 seconds
    Pour rest of water and stir for 8-10 seconds
    Press for 12-15 seconds

    Add additional hot water to taste. Cream definitely optional because it's so smooth.
  3. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    I love me some Aeropress !
    Best coffee I have ever made....I must say.
    Couple that with the fact I am trying my hand at home roasting and
    I am finding it is amazing how different coffees can taste.
    MY technique:

    usually nuke 10-12 oz water to boiling
    espresso grind (or finer) 3 heaping Tsp coffee
    Add coffee to Aeropress and slowly add H20 to "2" and stir until well mixed.
    Add H20 up to "4" and stir for 10 sec or so.
    When the level falls to "3"....start the press.
    Press for 20-30 seconds.
  4. I've been using a French press for over twenty years and an Aeropress for the past two months. I can honestly say that I've had more good cups of coffee in the past weeks than in the preceding decade.

    It's a simple, rugged, and functional device that's nothing short of magic.
  5. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    The local coffee place has them in stock, so I am picking one up on the weekend (after I phone in and tell them to hold one for me).

    This is a single cup type device, correct?
  6. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    Depends on how you define "single cup" and how strong you want it. You won't have espresso but you have one heck of strong cup of coffee if you don't dilute it.
  7. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    It usually is single cup for me, but you can play with the levels some to make two, or you can always make some up and then put it in the fridge to reheat later. Normally reheated coffee is TERRIBLE, but since this thing makes such good coffee, you just make the undiluted stuff and then later "reanimate" with freshly boiled water!
  8. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    I have rarely been able to have just a single cup of coffee.. it's like once I get started (especially in cold weather) I don't want to stop.. I do have a french press tho and now I am getting curious about the aeropress....
  9. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Get one...now...Amazon has 'em. Coffee places have 'em. Mmmmmm....coffee coffee coffee..
  10. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    Get one Sue! Get yourself a Sunbeam hotshot for your coffee hot water. Can double for making shaving hot water. The hardest part about making the coffee is waiting for the water to boil in the microwave. Otherwise, I can make a great cup of coffee in under two minutes including cleanup. No 12 cup cooking on a burner, no getting cold marinating in a French press. While your at it pick up a mug warmer to keep your coffee and shaving mug warm. :) I love it. Coffee and shaving. Two of my ADs
  11. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Got the Aeropress today. Maiden flight tomorrow. :eatdrink013
  12. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    You're gonna love it, David. I'm still in awe of the thing.
    :whacky084 <-- King Aeropress
  13. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    And the coffee odyssey begins! Yer gonna love it. Just be prepared to suddenly go through lots of beans, and really not like any other coffee afterwards, since the Aeropressed stuff will be THAT good! ;)
  14. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    I got a really nice cup of joe, even if I didn't obsess over getting the temperature to between 165-175! Just boiled, let the kettle sit while I set up all the components, then poured water and pressed per instructions.

    And this was with some crappy Starbucks blend which I bought because it was on sale. Usually I hate Starbucks because it's too darn bitter, but this cup was smooth.

    The woman at the store gave me a sample run with their Aeropress and some fresh roasted, fresh ground Sumatran in an espresso cup, and it was really nice. I'm gonna have to roast me up some of my Mexican beans in the oven tonight, I'm thinking.
  15. Baron

    Baron New Member

    I keep mine at work so I don't have to have the crap work coffee they have.

    Like Sue, I usually drink more than one cup, but it's so fast to make a cup it's no big deal :)

    Plus they have a hot water tap so I don't have to wait to boil water
  16. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Today's coffee: Mexican Irlanda Organic from Whole Foods. Perfect in the Aeropress! Yum!
  17. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    The dang coffee grinder took my order for "Rainforest Espresso" beans and asked me what grind I wanted. "Drip," said I. "Espresso drip?" she asked. "No," I said. "Drip."

    So now, naturally, I have a fine grind for an espresso drip. Which resists the pressure on the Aeropress push like no one's business. :angry021

    I am going back tomorrow and reading them the riot act.
  18. Hawkeye5

    Hawkeye5 Member

    I've been looking for something different than the current drip coffee maker, and had almost decided upon a French Press. Then I remembered seeing this thread and thought it may be more information on the French Press. Well, I'm glad I took a look. My Aeropress and extra filters are on the way. $25 for the press and $2 for an additional supply of filters when purchased at the same time as the press. Thanks.
  19. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    You won't regret it. (Drinking Organic Etheopian made from an Aeropress as I write)
  20. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    BUMP !!

    hadnt seen any activity here for awhile so......

    Looking for yall's prep secrets.
    Heres how Ive been doing it:

    * Boil 8oz water
    * 2 heaping tsps of espresso grind coffee
    * Dump coffee into Aeropress and add water to the top ("4")
    * Stir all together until water level reaches "3"
    * Add plunger and press.
    --- I realize this is difficult to do cause of the grind but Ive found that the pressure bubble created from the bottom of the plunger to the water level at "3" will keep the liquid flowing, altho at a slow speed.

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