October brush handle PIF *DONE*

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by oscar11, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Same rules as before. Please only post once on this thread and Sunday, Oct. 28, I'll go to Random.Org and pick the winner. 22mm, M7 style handle. It needs to be buffed out yet.
    The winner is # 11, emmijack. Please P.M. your address. Congrats.
  2. awake2shave

    awake2shave Crazy Sharp Melon Baller

    :O Oscar you've done it again, that handle looks amazing! Please don't count me in as I have one of your brushes.
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  3. aubug

    aubug Member

    Count me in, Thanks. :)
  4. fishcrow

    fishcrow Birdman of TSD

    Count me in too. Awesome looking handle.
  5. Kevin K

    Kevin K Well-Known Member

    another fantastic looking handle!

    Please count me in on this PIF.

  6. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Gorgeous as always! Please count me in. Thanks!
  7. ksb63

    ksb63 Active Member

    Beauty again, count me in.
  8. Luteplayers

    Luteplayers Well-Known Member

    Another beautiful handle. Don't count me in though. You have got me researching mini lathes now!
  9. DLP

    DLP Well-Known Member

    Oscar, another great looking handle. Don't count me in, I've already won one of your handles.
  10. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    It's a beeeaut! Please count me in!
  11. emmijack

    emmijack Well-Known Member

    Yes please Oscar, I'm in, and thankyou
  12. Robert Voss

    Robert Voss Well-Known Member

    Very nice, count me in, thanks
  13. alpla444

    alpla444 That's sweet!

    count me in, I need a pimped out bush for me collection. Stunning work as always. (And again a very nice Jesture, with the PIF)
  14. over5feet

    over5feet Active Member

    Please please please count me in (smile)
  15. hdflame

    hdflame Active Member

    I would love a chance at one of your handles, please count me in! GREAT PIF!
  16. Latherman87

    Latherman87 Well-Known Member

    Please count me in! Thank you!
  17. milnerpt

    milnerpt New Member

    Looking good! Count me in!
  18. Turk

    Turk Well-Known Member

    Your brush handles are awesome. Please, Please count me in! Thanks
  19. TitanTTB

    TitanTTB Well-Known Member

    Another beautiful handle Oscar, count me in please.
  20. ChrisC1977

    ChrisC1977 Well-Known Member

    Count me in as well! And nice looking brush handle indeed!
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