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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by micah1_8, May 4, 2009.

  1. micah1_8

    micah1_8 Poor Heartless Prevert

    It seems to me that among the usual misfits that roam around here, some of you are actually pretty well read. :eek: So, what book is sitting on your proverbial nightstand? What books are sitting in your To-Be-Read stack? Over what tome did you just finish poring? Share with us the merits (or lack thereof) of your current literary endeavors!

    Here's a small sampling of what's on my shelves.

    I recently topped off Mortimer's Rumpole and The Reign of Terror and Pratchett's Only You Can Save Mankind.

    Rumpole was pretty good, if not a little unnerving. It did a pretty good job of illustrating some of the more complex legal issues that have arisen in the last few years. Plus, SWMBO started writing her own memoirs, and it gives a fun look into the mind of the woman who lives in Froxbury Mansions with the legendary Rumpole of the Bailey.
    Only You was a nice light read. Set during the Gulf War I, it actually feels kind of pertinent today. It's about a kid who starts playing a video game, and the aliens surrender. He then has to provide them safe passage to "the border" while other players of the game keep attacking them. The book goes back and forth between the troubled child's real life and the "game space" where he has an entirely different set of problems. It's a not-so-thinly veiled commentary on the dangers of dehumanizing our enemies, but it's still a quick, fun read. Aimed squarely at the junior high set, the dialog seems a little intelligent, but still amusing. The issues the kids in the book face are certainly very real, but not handled in too heavy of a way.

    So, what are you reading?
  2. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    what am I reading?
    TSD of course!
    oh, in print?....

    I'm still trying to finish The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel....I'm just a slow reader.

    I also finally found the paperback copy of The Loch by Steve Alten, so it will be being read soon as well. The 4th installment of the Meg series (Hell's Aquarium) will be coming out in a couple of weeks, so I guess I need to get crackin'.
  3. omegapd

    omegapd New Member

    Jim, I read The Case a couple of years ago. Not bad...

    I'm a classics guy. Faulkner, Hemingway, Twain, etc. Of people not dead, I love John Jakes and his Kent Chronicles Series. 'Bout time to start them all over again for the 4th time or so. ;)
  4. burnWood

    burnWood Mizzou Fan, YMMV

    I am reading a post by Micah about what he is reading at the moment.
  5. NoobShaver

    NoobShaver BGDAAA

    Good topic!

    I just finished: the smoke ring by Larry Niven.

    I am currently reading: Engine Summer by John Crowley, Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory, and Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright.

    Next in line are: A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn and Cur Deus Homo? by St. Anselm, among others.
  6. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    I just finished reading Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L'aMour. I've read nearly every one of his books. IT wasn't so much an autobiography like you'd think. It's about how he taught himself, what books he read, and what he used as sources. There are a lot of good leads for books to read in this one.

    At the moment I'm reading Ernest Hemingway - For Whom the Belle Tolls. Back when B&B had a book club I read The Sun Also Rises and liked it enough that I wanted to read more of his stuff. So far so good...

    Next up: Letters From Earth by Mark Twain and another Hemmingway book - Farewll to Arms. My grandmother was an ambulance driver in London for the most part of WWII (I know different, war and place but a war is a war), I'm thinking I might get something of her experiences from this one. After that I might read Touching the Void by Joe Simpson for a change of pace.
  7. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I am currently re reading Tom Clancy Executive Orders. I love his books.. When I finish that I will revisit the Dune series I think.
  8. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    I read a lot of his Net Force series. Those were good.
  9. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Have not read any of those yet... On the list though.
  10. mhdagley

    mhdagley Member

    Im thinking of getting a kindle, I havent been reading as much as I want to but I hope that changes in a bit. Ive been reading my textbooks atm. Last book I remember reading is dang I cant remember, hold on going to the book store. Any suggestions?
  11. Moe

    Moe Active Member

    I haven't read much lately; typically only read on the plane & hotel, but with the ecomomy the way it is, I haven't been on a bus. trip in over a month. That's a pretty poor excuse, I do have to start up again, even if for a short while before bed. I did just finish reading a bunch of books by Duglas Preston and Lincoln Child.
  12. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Executioner # 366 Pele's Fire by Mike Newton - Hawaiian nationalists are attempting to make their point that they want a return of home rule by blowing up the US naval base in Pearl Harbor.

    Warhammer 40,000 Soul Drinkers volume one - Soul Drinkers - The year is 40,000AD and the soul drinkers, part human part machine, have revolted against the imprium of man and set off to form a destiny all their own.
  13. micah1_8

    micah1_8 Poor Heartless Prevert

    You guys might want to check out TWGW discovered it the other day, and it is awesome. Their prices are competitive, and they specialize in "rescuing" books from libraries and such. A portion of the sales goes to promote literacy, and shipping is free! They also do something with carbon offsets. I went through just to check out how good their selection was, and I haven't been able to stump them yet.

    Oh, and I just started reading Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss, the author of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.
  14. micah1_8

    micah1_8 Poor Heartless Prevert

    Ever read any of the Destroyer novels? They really had a good poke at the Executioner. "The Extuingisher" :happy102 If you want some serious action/adventure mixed with spot-on political and social satire, the Destroyer isn't to be missed. Well except for 108, 109, and 110. Miss those.
  15. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    I was wondering how long that'd take you.....:D
  16. TomPike

    TomPike Active Member

    I'm reading a collection of Fantasy and Horror short stories right now. Something my dear wife picked up for me at the Library. I'll read almost anything that's lying about, so much of what I've read over the last few years has been tripe.

    I'd like to revisit some of the books I read in my young adulthood. LOTR, Dune, The Illustrated Man, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (TANSTAAFL!).
  17. s&g'sdad

    s&g'sdad Member

    I recently finished "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. Great book set in a post apocalyptic world. The story of a Father and Son journey just to survive. One of my favorite parts is when they stumble upon an old residential bomb shelter from the 1950's. Anyone with children can certainly absorb themselves in a situation like this. Sometimes the book was a bit difficult to read, from a parents perspective. I highly recommend this book.

  18. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    I've been meaning to read this one. I've seen nothing but good reviews on it.
  19. Moe

    Moe Active Member

    Reminds me of a book (The Last Ship) that took me forever to read. Was about a Warship that survived a neuclear holocost, and the struggles of the crew moving on. Was a huge book, oversized paperback and even then seemed like it was 3+ inches thick. I must have started the book a half a dozen times,,,,, then gave up. I fiannly read it, but it's one of those books where if two people are having a conversation, you might have two pages of each persons thoughts before they respond to the other,,,,,, hell, you forget what the conversation is about!
  20. micah1_8

    micah1_8 Poor Heartless Prevert

    For some reason I read that as "David Niven." That made me chuckle.

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