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    Two Swedish Framebacks, not sure if you are all aware that there are actually four different styles of "Frameback" razors but these represent two of them

    On the left we have a J. Engstrom true "Frame"back I measure it at 6/8
    Looks like somebody in the distant past replaced the back scale ..

    The edge is in great shape no dings chip or bad spot and has a nice even bevel,

    On the right we have a CW Dhalgren I measure at just shy of 6/8
    This is a Faux Frameback the blade and tang are one piece of steel and the Spine is Tubular Brass and pressed into place
    Again the bevel is clean even and shows no issues

    Neither of these is "Shave Ready" to my standards, they do both, however, pass the Bevel set tests

    I will offer these two ways

    $60 for both plus Shipping as they sit, which should be perfect for a person that hones their own razors or is learning to hone.
    I totally believe these can be brought to shave ready pretty easily..

    If you are a Non-Honer / Beginner I will sell them Honed & Stropped to a True Shave ready for $80 plus shipping

    Post or PM here
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    Thanks for looking
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  2. gssixgun

    gssixgun At this point in time...

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    Sold !!!!

    On their way home to CO
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