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  1. rmcintyre84

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    I see people referring to Old Spice as "Shulton," "Classic," "US Version," etc. Does Shulton not make the new stuff? How can I recognize true vintage products when I'm antiquing? Some fellows have said the Dollar General version smells more like the older/original OS. Has that been your experience? Thanks.
  2. John Beeman

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    Proctor and Gamble bought Old Spice from Shulton in June 1990.

    I usually look for Shulton on the bottle. Also, the graphics changed slightly. Maybe someone who has a newer bottle can post a photo showing the difference.

    I’ve purchased Old Spice from India that is advertised as original Shulton formula but to my nose it’s more powdery than vintage original.
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  3. John Beeman

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    I don’t know about the Dollar General copy, but the Family Dollar version is pretty close.
  4. Primotenore

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    Article Team
    Re-invented. (Stay away, imo)
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  6. myles wilson

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    IMG_20191216_171326.jpg vintage left
    modern (aka red cap version) right
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  7. rmcintyre84

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    Thanks guys. The "re-invented" is all I have access to right now.
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  8. John Beeman

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    I'll check my stock - maybe you'll get lucky
  9. Paul Turner

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    One of New Spice's scents-Hawkridge-smells pretty nice...a passable attempt to copy Shulton. Even though it's New Spice, I still may get it just for kicks. As some of you may know, where I'm concerned, if it doesn't say Shulton and says P&G instead, that makes it New Spice. To me, it's insulting to see P&G say "Established in 1938" on the New Spice bottles.
  10. rmcintyre84

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  11. chevyguy

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    To me the newer Old Spice doesn't have as strong a fragrance as the original Shulton version. They do smell similar.


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  12. DaltonGang

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    If it says Proctor &Gamble anywhere on it, stay away. They reformulated the Shulton Old Spice in 1993. There is a Shulton labeled Old Spice made in 1993, that is the new formulation, but it also says Proctor & Gamble on it. After that, Shulton no longer was written on the bottles.
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