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    Initially it won't be illustrated. Two reasons. The main one being I'm trying to write it for everyone, and a blind person cannot see. The second reason is that I want to make it into an audiobook.

    Yes, I would love to have it be illustrated, and in a physical hardcover format. Someday. I'd also like to be finished with it, again, someday.

    Writing a book about shaving is really quite easy. It's the "and make it interesting" that is the hard part.

    Normal people are not interested in the effects of hard vs soft water in lather production, and I've got a whole chapter marked out to be devoted to the subject. ...besides, if it is it's own chapter, then people can skip it. That's important too.
    Edit: the art style I would want to have is a 1930's-40's technical drawing style. There's probably a proper term for it.

    The late Charles Hayward was a master of this type of illustration. You also see it a lot in old manuals that came with razors.
    I could do it, with a camera and some photo editing software, and then a final polish in Photoshop, but I'm slow at that sort of thing. I'd rather have someone else do it. Preferably a real artist that physically draws stuff.
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    Well, I guess to all wet shavers it is already interesting! Your audience would not only be shavers, but also their significant others looking for that ultimate Xmas / Birthday gift. An Audiobook is a novel concept, but I still love going back to my old woodworking books (eg "The WorkBench Book" by Scott Landis 1987), just for the sheer joy of looking at the images. But I agree, illustrating books is a major project, (my Dad was in the printing industry back in the days of lithography and Heidelberg printing machines, lost a few finger tips....he did some book illustrations and book covers, long before word processors and digital imaging; so I understand the challenges here.) Plus, of course, you would be competing with the new educational medium...YouTube.

    I am clearly not a normal people LOL, the chapter on hard/soft lathering would be a good read! At present I just use tap water, but use reverse osmosis water for my CPAP, so might try lathering with that to see if there is any difference.

    All the best going forward.
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    YouTube is a wonderful medium. A video can show a concept in 5 seconds that would take me 5 minutes to explain.

    On the flip side, If you've ever suffered though a five minute description of a product's scent, you will also understand that the video format has limitations as well.

    Heh. We probably have many of the same woodworking books. Ideally, my preference would be to be physically published through Lost Art Press or other high quality publisher. The only thing is, a book on wet shaving isn't exactly in their wheelhouse. But it isn't exactly outside it either.
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    So it's not just me.
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    Nice read Plan Man! Very informative succinct and loaded with good info...Thanks for sharing...Your commentaries like this should be stickies....I'm going to put a link to this in my home mailbox.
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