one week in the deep end!

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by Tomas Garcia, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Tomas Garcia

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    and by deep end I mean I ditched my old razor for a merkur razor and blades, a brush and some shave soap. I've been looking at mantic's shave videos off and on as well and that is some VERY informative stuff!

    My shave brush is boar bristle which I think is hindering my lather capabilities, and I'm not sure on the soap (the brush and soap came from a walgreens close to my home... cant remember the brand). I figured they would be a good cheap way of starting out and I was right. so far its not bad but I am rapidly wishing I had a badger hair brush.

    I've also not heard great things about merkur's razor blades, one question I have is how long do you generally use the same blade before you dump it and replace? thanks for the help!
  2. fishcrow

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    Welcome aboard. Blade usage is a personal choice, when you feel the blade tugging and pulling it is time to change the blade. Personally I use a blade for 3-4 days depending on the blade.
  3. SharpSpine

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    Glad to have you here at 'da Den.

    I use a blade for a week and then start fresh with a new one each Sunday. I use SE blades though which for some tend to last longer. In fact I've easily gotten 2 weeks worth of shaves from them and could probably get more. It's just easier to remember to get a new one each Sunday.
  4. Shawna

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    Welcome to the Den! Enjoy your stay here and Happy Shaving! :signs046:
  5. GDCarrington

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    Welcome to the Den.

    We know you'll fit right in.

    So grab yourself a comfy chair,

    and give our threads a spin!

    Burma Shave
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  7. Queen of Blades

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    Welcome to The Shave Den! :signs046:
  8. AnB_Daddy

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    Welcome to The Shave Den!!!
  9. swarden43

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    Hi! Welcome to the Den.

    Like others have said, change the blade when your face tells you to change the blade. Tuging and pulling are sure signs it's time to change.
  10. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    I tend to be 3-4 days as well on average. Welcome :)
  11. ChemErik

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    Welcome to TSD!
  12. marks971

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    Welcome to TSD! :signs046:
  13. Sara-s

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    Welcome aboard! I think you are right about the brush, Tomas. You will get better results with badger hair. As for blade usage, my husband changes his blade after 3 shaves. But, as others say, that is an individual thing.
  14. Sodapopjones

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    You're not into deep yet *reference this for a cookie*, trust me, when your counter-top is full, half of a wall is full and you have a portable storage unit in your bathroom, then you're into deep...

    As for your gear, it sounds like you have a VDH boar and VDH deluxe soap, which are capable of shaving just like a $300 kit; just reload off the puck often.

    Blade changes are YMMV, I don't go more than 3 shaves per blade regardless of the blade or if I was just trimming my goatee....
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  15. battle.munky

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    I don't want to bag on any advice given but seeing some pig hatred, I just want to stick up for the boars a bit. I feel like a boar is just as good as a badger and I have one high dollar badger and several other silvertip re-knots. I also have 2 boars that I will put up against all my badgers in nearly all aspects. They all fulfill different wants.There are places where a boar excels and places where a badger excels but they both provide the same thing, just differently. That CVS/VDH boar brush is near the bottom rung of all brushes, so I think when you get a new brush, whether it is boar or badger, you will see a huge improvement in the feel.

    If I were you, meaning if I could do it over again, I would find a badger I like (actually, I'd re-knot a vtg handle) and pick up a different boar too.

    Rant over, welcome to TSD!
  16. Sodapopjones

    Sodapopjones Well-Known Member

    Bob if I could start all over, I would just run an Omega, say 19-23mm Badger and call it a day... Possibly even a Plisson, assuming it didn't bring bad memories with it...
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    Hi welcome to the shave den.:)
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    Welcome to TSD!
  19. macaronus

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    Welcome to TSD, mate! :signs046:

    As for the brush: I was told it takes some time for a brush to break in. Mine did (or was it me learning to lather?).
    Anyway, happy shaving. It's addictive!

  20. tomnat

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    C'mon Aaron, who are you trying to kid. :p

    Welcome to The Shave Den, Tomas! Just like what most everyone has said, once you feel tugging and pulling it's time to replace the blade.

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