Oneblade--Coupon or discount codes?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BabyBottomSmooth, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Before I kick down $300 for one of these I thought I might see if there are any offers going on for the razor and/or blades. Are there any?
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    There is a new offer going on right now - I'll see if I can dig out the details when I get back home.
  3. Thanks, man.
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    Ah, the thing they have going on right now is a 'special 30 day trial'.
    Link here

    In essence you pay $99 and you get to try all this stuff:

    ...and if you after 30 days don't like return the razor, etc - but get to keep the s/w products I think - and get your $99 back.

    IF you like keep everything and the accessories (brush, leather pouch, etc) estimated at $99 is yours for free and you are charged $200 at the end of the 30 days.
    So it's still $299 - but you get a lot of extra stuff.

    Not sure if this is a permanent promotion or not.
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    I don't think the price of the razor is what keep people to back off from buying this razor. In my opinion there is more then just the price, if I would ever buying this razor these are the options I would weigh in before I made the purchase:

    - $300 for a razor...
    - $100 for 90 se blades....
    - blades only made by this company ( better design for shaving? I doubt... This is typical I got you by the cojones move)
    - if company goes belly up, your razor becomes paper weight, end of story ( no where else to buy blades)
    - I heard people being told by customer support that its not recomended to disassemble the head and clean it, if they want the head to be cleaned they should send the razor back to the company for inspection if cleaning is needed. That's great, they offer support for the product, but come on your buying a razor not a car that u have to take in for servicing, even though I take care of my pick up truck though...

    All this reasons above are why I would never pull the trigger on this razor, and the price is the least of the reasons that worries me.
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    These blades are not proprietary to OneBlade nor are they made by them.
    I buy the blades on Connaught myself as it's a lot cheaper (about $60 for 120 blades).
    A number of people have also used de-spined GEM blades in the razor but I haven't tried that myself as I get excellent shaves from the Feather blades (I get about five shaves/blade which translates to about 9 cents/shave which I'm perfectly fine with).
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    Ah ok I thought the blades were made exclusively by them, I have never seen blades with cutouts in the middle like theirs so I thought they were the only ones who were making aka had some company making them for them. How many companies are making this type of blade?
  8. Darkbulb

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    I believe it's only Feather. They've been around since 1932 so hopefully they'll be around and keep that product line around ;)
    I may try using the de-spined GEM option one of these days but fear I'm too lazy to do so especially since I like the Feather SEs.
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    The blades were made to fit the Valet Auto-Strop and have been around at least 50 years. At one time Feather marketed a razor that was a copy of the Valet Auto-Strop, hence the blades.

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    That's a pretty nice promo. If I had the money just laying around...
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    Article Team
    Did you try the discount code CHOOSEVALETAUTO-STROP?
  12. onebladeshave com sharpologist ~ 30% off the order, free shipping and extra stuff. Better value than the still working BESTSHAVE10 10% coupon (where you still pay shipping) ... Since late 2016 they have been shipping the 2nd generation of the OneBlade that now includes fit'n'finish in gunmetal! Best shave you will ever have, period guys!

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