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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Hank, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Jasman

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    For me, the biggest difference is that the OC gives me a visual cue, in addition to a tactile one, when my angle is off at all. If I'm leaving stripes of lather after a pass, I need to adjust the angle I'm using. A bar/closed comb doesn't provide that particular clue.

    OC razors have a reputation as more aggressive/likely to bite than other styles, but there are OC razors that are generally considered quite mild (Merkur 1904, Goodfella, etc.).
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  2. 178-bplatoon

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    I think how a particular razor works with your face and technique is more important that whether it SB or OC. No matter what razor I use, the main goal for my shave is a consistent DFS with BBS possible that is reasonably easy and quick while being completely irritation, nick and razor burn free.:happy088:

    I have accomplished such a shave for years now using both an OC and a SB together. My routine is:
    My first pass is WTG(North to South) using a Gillette 1935 "NEW" OC head on a Sabi T2 handle.
    For the rest of my shave(XTG, ATG, buffing etc.) I use a "Stahly Live Blade" SB shave head on a Weber BullDog handle.
    My final pass with the Stahly is done with just water.
  3. Bama Samurai

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    Open comb allows more lather into the razor head. Open Comb has no effect on aggressiveness. Aggression is determined by gap, exposure and radial curve of the razor head.
  4. Bama Samurai

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    They do look cool don't they? Im not sure I agree about the OLDs. I find mine (1920s vintage FWIW) to be much tamer than my NEW DeLuxe's. Those are demanding mistresses. Treat them right and it's shave nirvana... Take them for granted and it looks like a slasher film was shot in my bathroom...
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  6. rawfox1

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    I have a tough beard with sensitive skin and I have found that the standard bar usually works better for me. The standard bar feels smoother and Glides better on my face where whereas an open comb feels not as smooth and I can feel the teeth on my face which can result in some extra irritation.

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  7. Hank

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    Thank you all for your replies some good information and opinions here!
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  8. Bama Samurai

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    If you feel the teeth, your angle if attack is too high.
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  9. rawfox1

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    thanks for the suggestion.
    I know my angles, I have solid bars, open Combs and scalloped heads. I can feel the teeth because my skin is sensitive as compared to a a solid bar and not because of the angle

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    I ride the teeth on most of my open comb razors, using a steep angle. But I typically don't feel the teeth, because I use very little pressure.

    Most people ride the cap, and I do, with many of my razors, but with all my Gillette TTO open combs, I tend to ride the teeth.
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    I use my FaTip Piccolo O/C when I have heavy growth, four days or more. I find that if I use it wth less than four days growth, I tend to get considerable more amount of neck irritation. That happened to me this past Wednesday. I healed up fast enough to use an IKON X3 today after one day of growth.
  12. Eeyore

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    Way too high even, I would guess, unless you deliberately want to shave with a steep angle (but then you probably know what you are doing ;) ). OC razors are no different than CC razors in that the cap should guide you, and not the safety bar or teeth.
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