Oud Scented Soap Recommendation

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Redrock, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Redrock

    Redrock Well-Known Member

    Anyone here using an Oud scented soap? If so, please make a recommendation.

  2. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    Shave soaps are my one downfall. So, what does oud soap smell like?

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  3. MntnMan62

    MntnMan62 Well-Known Member

    Doesn’t Art of Shaving have an Oud scented cream? I’ve not tried it but I think there are lots who like it.
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  4. Zykris

    Zykris Well-Known Member

    Warm,sweet, woody and balsamic. That's what I get from my Van Yulay sample.
  5. Frijolero

    Frijolero Well-Known Member

    Figaro Monsieur is a straight oud scent I think. Made by Tcheon Fung Sing.

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  6. Str8 Shaver

    Str8 Shaver Well-Known Member

    just a couple to see you through..
    Barrister & Mann: Eventide
    Le Père Lucien: Oud-Santal
    Van Yulay: Royal Oudh
    Wholly Kaw: King of Oud
  7. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    Stirling Agar. I don’t have much experience with ouds, but this is great soap.
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  8. Bobcat

    Bobcat Well-Known Member

    +1 for Stirling Agar (Agar is also the name for Oud-Oud is Arabic)

    RazoRock Tuscan Oud

    Cold River Soap Works-Olfactory Hue
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    SHAVEWIZARD420 Well-Known Member

    Razorock Tuscan Oud is a nice sweet Oud scent.

    WK King Of Oud- this is another sweet Oud type scent that has some floral notes to my nose. Excellent scent.

    CF Civet may fit the bill as well. HAvent tried it yet so not sure how heavy on the Oud it is.
  10. brit

    brit Well-Known Member

    i have this and the a/s.nice stuff.
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  11. theFAT98

    theFAT98 Well-Known Member

    Razorock tuscan oud is a nice scent.
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  12. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

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    Another vote for Stirling Agar and B&M Eventide (seasonal release, watch for it around Christmas time)

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  13. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

  14. gregcss

    gregcss Member

    Only one i've tried is Wholly Kaw - King of Oud and I think it's great.
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  15. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    Stirling Agar is awesome. I also like PAA Sangre de Drago.
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  16. McGrande

    McGrande Well-Known Member

    I really like the RazoRock Tuscan Oud. The Figaro is nice as well, but not as strong scent wise IMO.
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  17. KUSTOM

    KUSTOM Well-Known Member

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  18. KUSTOM

    KUSTOM Well-Known Member

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    I saw this Figaro Monsieur on Amazon (I think) and was very interested. Thoughts from anyone who has tried it? I'll search the forum some.
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  19. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Love me some Oud/Agar. I have a sample puck of Stirling Soap Agar. When it runs out I'll probably buy the refill puck if it is available. A good friend of mine PIFed me some of his POLO Supreme Oud. I also got some ME essential oils from a local vendor here to make an Oud/Muskie mix. I mixed it with some rubbing alcohol and Witch Hazel from the PX to make a quick and dirty Aftershave. I only wear it when it's a "special" day, like New Years or my vacation time with the family.
  20. Frijolero

    Frijolero Well-Known Member

    The scent is nice, but fairly light. At least to me. The soap itself is fantastic. Made by Tcheon Fung Sing, if you are familiar with them.
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