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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by donald, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. donald

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    Im almost certain that in a couple of years from now, the flexball power razor from gillette with the proshield cart will be obsolete and thus gillette will release something even more top of the line.... but what about dorco who makes the Pace 7 blade power razor? Can we safely assume that they will follow suit and do the same thing as gillette or not? Will they release an even more top of the line power razor as well? Can someone give me their opinion here please...... thank you.
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  2. Shaver X

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    Gillette has already released the 8-blade God Mode cartridge for their Fusion Gamer Edition razor.
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  4. donald

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    Can you show me the link youre talking about??
  5. richgem

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    Pfft.... only 8 blades?? Amateurs.
  6. Shaver X

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    I was being facetious. Gillette did sell a Fusion Gamer razor about 10 years ago. It was simply a Fusion with a different color plastic handle and "Gamer" emblazoned on the packaging. There was never a God Mode cartridge, and the Fusion Gamer used regular 5-blade cartridges. The Gamer was a perfect example of Gillette resorting to gimmickry rather than innovation.
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  7. Rob72

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    donald, its going to be hard (as has been noted) to find cartridge love here. "Modern" plastic razors & carts are built with set failure levels, e.g., to keep people coming back to your product you add more whizz-bang appearance but keep efficiency at a modest level.

    More blades, new lube strips, etc., are pretty much at their pinnacle of performance.

    For about the price of the Flexball with some extras for 2 months (or a bit less) you can try a razor using Artist Club blades, Razorock Hawk & Occam's Razor Oren being decent entry level offerings.

    I certainly am not downplaying your passion, and I've spent my share of change on the latest & greatest, but you might be surprised.

    Enjoy your shaves!

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