Panasonic ES LV95

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by shybri69, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. shybri69

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    I have had this shaver since it's release, no clue how long that has been, a long time. It was a great shaver.
    The last couple of months I have noticed that I have to go over most areas 2-3 times and even then, not such a great shave anymore.
    I have just replaced the blades (and I always do the screens at the same time) and always clean and lube that puppy up, so regular maintenance is a must for me.

    Can these motors actually slowly wear out over time??

    And I was thinking of going to the Panasonic ES LA93K Arc IV as I do like the Panasonic brand and love having a ton of blades :) wondering if anyone currently has one of these and if they like it.
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  2. steve207

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    Yes i have one and i love it electric razors are good for disabled people and the elderly combined them with a brush and a soap or cream you can get bbs with the arc5 very good

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