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    A few months ago I picked up this cologne at TJ Maxx.They had 3 different scents from this company-Classic,Professional and another I cannot remember .This was the best smelling of the 3 and was marked down to $6.It comes in a nice bookstyle box ,the container is a simple glass rectangular bottle with atomizer and chrome cap and small black print.Pecksniff's is an english house that did custom scents and branched out into mass market items.Cologne,shower gels,shaving cream etc.(avoid the shaving cream-lousy stuff)

    After I brought it home and sat it on the couch my Jack Russell pups demonstrated their approval of cologne by eating the box.

    The cologne is advertised as bergamot,lemon and musk.When first applied there is a sharp green note that reminds me of Polo and has several feet of projection and settles down in 15 minutes to what seems to me to be a green-citrusy note with a sharp musk and maybe a foot of projection.This is not the soft musk in products like AV or Jovan,it is a nose tingling note.In 30 minutes it has 4 inches or so of projection .Eventually it goes down to an inch or two of projection and stays there all day.I get 8+ hours longevity out of it.I am not sure how it would hold up in summer but it is definitely a nice fall/winter scent.

    On the net someone recommended pairing it with Prorasa green a/s.I applied some of each product to the back of my hands.Prorasa left hand and Pecksniff's right.As I typed this I kept smelling and comparing and they do complement each other well.The green note in Classic could very well be a bit of eucalyptus it definitely has that vibe.It is definitely worth picking up at discount prices,full price this line is 40-60$ and would not be worth it,IMO.

    I later picked up the Professional edition and will review it at a later date.
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    Just an update.
    I used the Prorasa a/s and Pecksniff combo when I went to work.About 5 hours before I came home from my 10 hour day I reapplied some of the Pecksniff's to my chest and undershirt.When I got home ,when I went to bed I kept on the shirt.The next morning when I woke up the wife snuggled up to me and murmured "you smell good".I was surprised that the scent was still there and when I slid back the blanket the scent was definitely there.So this stuff definitely has some longevity.
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    I picked up a $4 set of Professional (cedar, amber, lemon) with body spray, soap bar and liquid bath soap. It smelled good in the store but when I got it home I found the cedar to be overpowering, like a cedar chest when you open it. I've used the soap several times and am finding it's a bit drying to my skin (winter weather here). The body spray is OK if I go light, I'll try it more as I start to wear shorts sleeves.

    Curious to hear what you think. I like Bergamot and will try it at a cheap price when they re-open. I just bought a Bergamot & Thyme shave soap so that might pair up well.

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