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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Straight Arrow, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Straight Arrow

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    Personna 74 blades are amazing. They were produced in the early 70s and were made in both DE and injector varieties.

    The decades of the 1960s and 70s were arguably the era of some of the best blades ever made. I think the Personna 74 is the crown jewel of that golden age of blade production. These blades were made with tungsten steel for extreme hardness and then coated with titanium for a very smooth finish.

    I am using one in a blue-tip SuperSpeed and the shaves are close and comfortable. The really amazing thing is the durability of the 74s. I am up to 19 shaves on one blade and it feels as if it is still on shave #3. It just won't quit. I have put it into semi-retirement so I can use some of my other blades for awhile. I plan to go back to it soon and find out just how long the darn thing will last.

    If you have not tried Personna 74 blades they are well worth seeking out.
  2. Hi Rich,

    Hey, thanks for starting this thread. Pretty good timing as it turns out. I was wondering about these types of blades a few weeks ago, and if they were any good.

    I have a NOS 7 pack of the '74' injector blades that I was thinking about trying when recently revisiting injectors. They came included with a razor I bought years ago, and never opened em up.

    Good to know they're worth trying the next time I use the Schick.

  3. MTgrayling

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    The Personna *74's are one of my favorite DE blades. Long lasting and very smooth. In my opinion these were the pinnacle of blade technology, it's been mediocrity ever since.

    Martin try the Injector blades! If anyone has some of the *74 Injector blades around, I'd like to try a pack or two. I have paypal and I have blades to trade.
  4. Tommynick

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    These are great blades. I was fortunate to get some in a recent razor lot I bought. I am on day 3 with it. Had a wonderful shave in the Slim and a 58 Superspeed. If you come across any pick them up. If I see these at a flea market I will grab rthem. These and the English Wilkinsons.

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