Pickled eggs

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Kingpepper, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Kingpepper

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    Made these during the Valentine's day snow storm.

    4 dozen large eggs, boil 2 dozen at a time less 1 egg each batch for testing.
    Peel shell and place in a gallon jar.
    Added to the jar this time 1 sliced onion, 2 stalks celery cut into large chunks, and 3 bulbs of elephant garlic.
    The brine is 2 cups of vinegar, 1 cup of water, 3 tablespoons of pickling spice and 1 table crushed red pepper. Bring all to boil then let simmer for 10 minutes. Pour into the jar straining out the spices. Add vinegar to fill the jar.
    They should set for 2 weeks, but Monday I'll be trying them out.


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  2. SSLSTudio...

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    Sounds very healthy , never heard of pickling spice before or elephant Garlic , I know what normal Garlic is.
    What culture or kitchen style does this recipe come from ?
  3. fuerein

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    Culture? Um, American bar :p Honestly, pickled eggs tend to be something people like to pair with beer. At least thats how I've always seen it referenced, no one I know mentions/eats these often.

    Elephant garlic, think a normal garlic bulb only about 2-3 times larger (at least for supermarket varieties). It is more closely related to the leek than true garlic, though it tastes like a milder form of garlic and is often used as lighter tasting substitute for regular garlic.
  4. Kingpepper

    Kingpepper Member

    Elephant garlic is actually a member of the leak family. It looks like a regular garlic bulb but is much larger. It has a mild flavor. I'll answer the rest of your question when I get out of work, 11PM EST. Gotta go.

  5. Kingpepper

    Kingpepper Member

    Work is done and had a busy night. As far as culture, I don't know. I've made them on and off for about 20 years. More often now, especially when eggs are on sale. They are healthy for me to eat instead of baked goods, donuts, pastries, cakes, etc. As the year progresses I'll pickle cucumbers, green beans, mushrooms, and green tomatoes. Pickling spice is is blend of 10+ spices which enhances whatever is being pickled. The label on the McCormick bottle is rather lengthy. Hope this answers your question.

  6. SSLSTudio...

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    Thanks , still dont know what pickling spice is though..but I wont make this myself so ill pass thanks.

    I''l rather eat my eggs RAW blended with Goats milk and banana's and 100% natural honey. specially when working out in the gym extra booster ill throw in extra spoon of whey powder in it aswell.

    The elephant Galric sounds interesting never seen it here..
  7. cubancigar2000

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    2014-10-02 16.27.37.jpg I made two half gal jars of hot pickled eggs on Monday. They wont last long
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    A zombie thread (2007) for Pickled Eggs? Good thing they last a long time! ;)
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  9. Kilgore Trout

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    These were regularly offered at Eda's Railroad Bar in Milwaukee along with pickled pigs feet. Washed them down with an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon with rapt attention to the yarns of the rail workers and engineers.
  10. gorgo2

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    I'd eat 'em.
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  11. cubancigar2000

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    I added a photo, they are tasty & Hot

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