Post Office Rant Thread

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by DaltonGang, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Damn, glad I've had the same postal worker for the past 5 years 95% of the time.
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  2. FatherofSquirrel

    FatherofSquirrel A right jolly old elf

    Yeah, I've had the same mail carrier for the past 12 years.
    He's a great guy.
  3. CrustyCat

    CrustyCat Well-Known Member

    I ordered some cigars, they are currently stuck in Bridgeport New Jersey. Supposedly been there since the 23rd, they were supposed to have been delivered on the 26th.
    It's one of those UPS/USPS shipments.
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  4. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool Kevin,hope the show soon..
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  5. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    I have items coming from all over the USA, and it seems the East Coast, and the Illinois areas are the slowest. Almost being transported at a walking pace. Once they break free of the.Northeast area of the USA, things go pretty fast. Oh, the West Coast of California is at a snail's pace too.
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  6. Shaver X

    Shaver X Well-Known Member

    And a PO box also helps prevent mail being delivered to the wrong address. Some people near me just throw misdelivered mail into the recycle bin along with the junk mail.

    I live where NIMBYs have long stifled housing growth. The result is that mere mortals such as postal employees, retail employees, restaurant workers, etc. often cannot afford to live in the area. Many people have to commute 40 - 60 miles each way to find affordable housing. That makes it increasingly hard for the Postal Service to find and retain good employees.

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