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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by rbilly, May 5, 2018.

  1. rbilly

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    Does anyone know if the St petersberg factory changed its printing on some of its blade. Normally my permasharp have a black printing on the blade, but my recent blade is laser printed outlined lettering, slightly different boxes, they shave pretty much the same, and i have used blades from the factory in china that is well known for producing fakes, these new perma sharps are nothing like those blades from that factory, the fakes usualky feel like sand paper and snap in half easy, just over tightening your razor will snap the blade, so i dont feel as the new permasharps i recieved are fakes, but there is always that whisper. 20180505_000703.jpg
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  2. rbilly

    rbilly Well-Known Member

    If anyone is curious I have had 3 shaves with the new looking blade, pretty much shaves the same as the old ones, in addition the newest blades still have the signature ppi wax spots so unless I hear otherwise I am considering them real. I usually shave 4 times with a perma sharp blade, I’m on 3 with these and they are still going strong. Someone also told me they have seen astras with the new outlined lettering so maybe ppi upgraded their equipment with laser etching instead of using ink. The other thing that looks cool is the box the newer blades came in have the date they were made on them, the older ones did not.
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  3. Jim99

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    I would have expected a few replies by now. I don’t use those blades, so I’m unaware of any changes.

    There was a thread a few months back about Astra and the stampings on their blades. The poster was concerned about them being counterfeit. I don’t know if the Perma Sharps and Astras are made at the same factory, but the changes on your blades look consistent with the changes on the Astra blades.
  4. rbilly

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    Yep they are both made at the Gillette factory in Russia
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  5. PanChango

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    The ones i have here all look like your lower tuck / blade, but I haven't purchased any in a few years.

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