Pray for STELLAN!!

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by UnklGus, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. UnklGus

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    Hello TSD!

    I have brought this little guy to you in the past shen he needed some prayer, not I am doing it again. Stellan has been in the hospital since yesterday. He was intebated yesterday, to help him breathe. He has been in and out of SVT, a heart condition that makes his heart beat at a dangerously rapid speed. This evening he was extibated, and was breathing on his own, but he is still not out of the woods yet.

    Please Please Please pray for this little guy.

    Having met him and played with him, I know that he is one the sweetest little guys out. And tomorrow is his 1st Birthday. His mom is Fairly well known, since she has a widely read Blog. She and her Husband need all the support that she can get.

    You can read more about him this site.

    You can also follow updates at this Twitter Account.

    I thank you for all your prayer support. I know that Stellans family appreciate as well. Stellan can definiatly use an ANGEL right now.

  2. CSBudzi

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    Prayers continually on the way.
    My Mum has SVT she has been living with it for 50+ years, since she was a kid. If that is any hope for you. I bet Stellen can live a long and healthy life.
  3. UnklGus

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    Thanks CSBudzi!

    Stellan has had an ablation once before to attempt to fix this problem. Unfortunatly it was not successful. They really need him to get big enough before the attempt to do this procedure again.

    Thanks again for all the support for Stellan.
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    Remembered in Chicago

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