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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by jbcohen, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Dusty5150

    Dusty5150 Well-Known Member

    As a newbie that's totally addicted to shaving now, I really wanted to try this out, but didn't have the exact ingredients so I modified a bit. SpectraGel subbed in for Noxema & used straight up EV olive oil. WOW, talk about slick! I noticed while cold water rinsing after my shave, my face was squeeeekin' ... what a wonderful shave today. I'm gonna pick up some proper ingredients this weekend and giver 'er a go on Sunday.
  2. Turk

    Turk Well-Known Member

    Wow, and I was just doing the hot towel procedure because its relaxing! ;)
  3. johnus

    johnus Well-Known Member

    I've used a modified Noxzema now for some time. I take the small blue ~1oz jar and mix in 5 to 6 drops of each or the following: tea tree oil; grape seed oil; almond oil; glycerine; and menthol.
    Just wet my face and rub it in while I'm setting up the days shave and coffee equipment.
  4. Mitch

    Mitch Active Member

    I'm gonna try this! I saw a mantic video where he showed a simple barber technique for preshave that just involved lathering up with your shave soap and then doing the hot towel over it. Haven't tried that either, I have been doing just the hot washcloth with mediocre results.
  5. Latherman87

    Latherman87 Well-Known Member

    You know I bet lathering up with a tallow soap like MWF pre hot towel would do wonders for your skin....many members say they apply the last bit of MWF lather after their shave while they clean up their den to make their skin softer and such......perhaps this could be key with a hot towel as well? I have tried some of my soaps as such and they did good but iv never tried a tallow based soap...perhaps I will try this today.
  6. stitch

    stitch New Member

    This is an awesome thread
  7. snapwig

    snapwig New Member

    I know many people like to heat the towel up in the microwave as well but that seems a bit too much work running into the kitchen and back to the bathroom. Hot water from the faucet works just as well and allows for immediate use.
  8. KLF

    KLF Doctorin

    I'll try the hot towel in shower, it seems a good idea and saves time. For prep, I usually just scrub with body soap really hard and lots of hot water before I start.
  9. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    I have a home blend of preshave oil with 50-50 castor oil and grapeseed oil, + a dash of glycerin, + a generous dash of M-Bomb. The other day, totally by accident, after applying it to my wet beard, I got distracted by a phone call, which lasted about 5 minutes. When I came back to shave I noticed the slickest shave experience in memory. It must work better to let the oil sit on-face a few minutes.
  10. CmdrBond

    CmdrBond Member

    Hi, 1st post and all that. Have learnt a lot recently above shaving but am still using cartridges ATM (My pick of the Bunch is the King of Shaves Azor (sold under the Remington brand in the US) but I am looking into DE - don't think I'll ever be brave enough for the CT though - ya never know.

    Any way - great thread, I thought I would just respond to a couple of posts.

    If your heater is turned down, no problem - boil a kettle. A standard kettle (in the UK at least, should be the same everywhere) holds enough for a shave and the hot flannel (when cooled back down a bit with some cold water)

    Could always purchase a plug from your local hardware store. Unless it is some sort of strange sink with no plug-hole.

    I'm going to have to see if I can find me some of that Lucky Tiger over here in the UK.

    I do have a question, in step 9 it is suggested to use some of Fritz's concoction before going ATG - whilst I am not against mixing my own unctions I was wondering if there was an off the shelf (or off the web :D) product that was available that would suit this phase that you would recommend.

    Also, I know this is Pre- and not Post- shave, but I thought I would mention it here as we are home-brewing...

    I stumble across this video courtesy of another shaving forum - you may or may not already be aware, but I thought you might be interested:

    Save Money, Make Your OWN TendSkin!
  11. SnipeLife

    SnipeLife New Member

    If you do a hot towel is it necessary to use pre-shave?
  12. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    It depends on a number of factors: thickness or coarseness of your beard, your skin's sensitivity, the razor & blade being used.
    Some guys get by with no pre shave treatment—just a hot towel beforehand—and have great results. Others may benefit from the extra conditioning and beard softening a press shave oil or cream provides.
    For me, I prefer a hot towel treatment followed by a pre-shave oil or balm. The oil or balm work to soften my whiskers while I get busy making lather. A bonus is the additional glide the oil has in protecting my oh-so-sensitive skin. ;)
  13. SnipeLife

    SnipeLife New Member

    Thanks I think I might try it. My skin is quite sensitive as we'll so I will try it out and see if it helps. Is there a good brand for sensitive skin?
  14. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    I find it easier to simply make my own pre-shave oil—and it is a heck of a lot cheaper! Make a small batch to try yourself— 50% olive oil; 50% castor oil; or 70% olive, 30% castor.
    Both ingredients are cheap and fairly easy to find. Many store-bought PSOs can be rather $$$ to buy, so best to see if they are of benefit to you without a big financial investment by making a small homemade batch.
  15. SnipeLife

    SnipeLife New Member

    Wow thanks I'll give it a shot and post if it works.
  16. taffboy

    taffboy New Member

    Thank you I will try this
  17. Ryan Hoover

    Ryan Hoover Member

    I am inclined to agree... I'm not sure about the Noxema, but I use AOS pre-shave oil, and the last time I shaved, I used "more" than normal in an attempt to reduce the bleeding. It made a big difference.

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