Primitive Translucent Arkansas

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  1. Timwcic

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    This is a hone you don’t see everyday. A vintage primitive translucent Arkansas stone, very handsom hunk of Novaculite. A exciting score a few weeks ago. Stone is roughly 6x3x1.25 in a true 2x4 base. Gave it a simple green bath for a week to get the decades of funk removed. Luckily the surface is dead flat and baby bottom smooth but gave a quick lap with W/D from 600-1000 to remove any glaze. Give a quick burnish and ran a tugger over for 200 laps with oil and WOW, what a edge. Smooth and comfortable shave. I love this stone and lucky to be it’s caretaker. First two pictures as found and rest after cleanup

    1C92A2D3-EEDB-43D6-ABEE-15955E47EFFD.jpeg 99489D10-1285-4E1E-8486-ABEA08BB8A5C.jpeg 852BABE1-4C31-4A32-A507-B175FAF85235.jpeg EA48E092-D4F4-4BEC-B555-274BACB5C327.jpeg BCE0A551-7DC6-4BFA-AFE0-4E96D1B901DB.jpeg 5DB45F04-7FD9-4004-AD16-113F9578431B.jpeg 1643CFA6-F235-4350-96F0-0F32645A3172.jpeg 30F622DE-0A0C-4FEC-B818-DEB5C726F973.jpeg 02053FD3-3CDE-4201-A20A-8AB7E326D33B.jpeg
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    Wonderful find. :happy088::happy088:
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    Wow! Now that is primitive all right!
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  4. Leclec13

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    I love it!


    With these primitives, how do you chamfer edge? Are they chamfered?
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  5. Timwcic

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    Thank you Gents for the nice comments. I did not chamfer it a traditional form. I did a gentle break of the edge, more like a rollover with a diamond plate. Did not want to be to aggressive due to its age. The perimeter is slightly lighter in color due to the edge dressing
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