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    To date, I've used the Proraso white balm, the Proraso green splash, and the Proraso red splash. I'm a heavy user of the white balm due to dry skin and after finishing the bottle last week, I went ahead and ordered the blue balm.

    The blue balm is advertised as having aloe and vitamin E. Like the white balm, the scent is pretty similar to the respective shaving cream, albeit a little stronger. It has kind of a strong licorice smell going on but that fades pretty quickly and leaves a sort of musk that smells great.

    I've only used it twice so far but the performance is excellent. My skin feels very moisturized throughout the day. If this balm has any downside, it's that I don't find it as immediately soothing as the white balm. The white balm feels like a magic elixir that eradicates all irritation the second it goes on. The blue balm provides good relief but I think that it takes a little longer to build up to it.

    Overall it's a great balm but I'm probably a bit biased in favor of Proraso. I gave their products a try a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since. This leaves only the green balm (not the green splash) for me to experience, which I will check out once I finish this blue balm.

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    I really like the blue myself. I'll often combine it with Floid Vigoroso after shave. Great complementary scents.
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