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  1. donald

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    what will proraso shave cream/soap do to soften facial hair for people who cannot afford to shave while in the shower? will it make the facial moist like someone who shaves while in the shower? i only ask because many people have recommended it but what exactly will do that gillette for people with tough facial hair? if someones tough facial hair can only be soften like 80-90% while shaving in the shower can proraso soften it by that much if they shave like 10-15 minutes after showering at the sink or not? can a tough shaving expert please tell me here. rsvp.
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  2. feeltheburn

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    Proraso does a good job of softening whiskers for me. I like to shave before I take a shower so my usual routine is to do something to soften my whiskers before shaving. Not all soaps or creams are equal in whisker softening for me but if I put a couple dabs of Proraso on my beard and use my wet hands to scrub it in, then let the lather sit in my beard for a few minutes that usually does the trick. Once the whiskers have softened up, I lather up with a brush and shave. I've found Noxzema does a good job too and it's pretty cheap.
  3. RaZorBurn123

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    Let's see, a homemade pre-shave oil may be a good choice, rinse your face as often as need be.
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  4. Leclec13

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    Try noxema as a pre shave product. Or the generic store brand. Many compare this to poraso pre shave product.

    Before drying off rub in few drops of home made pre shave oil. Oilve oil, avocado oil, castor oil..... while face is still wet.

    I know of a barber that uses another shave cream as a pre shave so it may work with poraso . definitely apply from tube to wet face. I will try this next shave.

    I have another friend that will use hair conditioner in shower, and sometimes leave in conditioner as part of pre shave. It will be super easy to test your idea.

    You can always wrap a hot wet towel on face before shave.

    IMHO. Your skin and facial hair will stay well hydrated for a good period of time after leaving shower.
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  5. donald

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    but will proraso soften wiskers like when somebody is in the shower where water has absolutely saturated their facial hair or not? or only a runner up? rsvp

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  6. donald

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    can i use twin or triple blade razors instead of de razor? rsvp.

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  7. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    Sure, you could. I get better results from a DE razor though.
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  8. Leclec13

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    Any pre shave preparation and post shave work will enhance any type of shave, vs just a canned foam and shave.
    You can uses any razor you want....... however....

    Most here will suggest you use, Or at least try single edge, double edge, straight razor to really get the whole “wet shaving” experience.

    I strongly suggest For starter, a Gillette super speed paired with decent razor blade. There is bit of a learning curve but I feel will be a much better shave than the modern cartridges. Tie this into the “ritual” of shaving.

    You may find your self giving away your multi blade cartridges and canceling you shave club subscription.
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    People do talk a lot about this, that, or the other soap softening whiskers. I've never bought into that. In fact, I know of exactly one study done on the subject. It concluded that water reduces the force required to cut whiskers. And explicity found that soap does not. If anyone knows of other studies, I'm all ears.

    So for me, at least, the role of soap during preshave is simply to wash away oil that could interfere with the whiskers absorbing water. Not stop the process - just slow it down. Or not. For this I can't point to any study.

    So I just wash my face, with any soap. Then rinse, then leave my face wet while I build my lather in a bowl. I usually splash on more water a couple of times to make sure my face stays wet.

    Of course, lather does contain water. And holds it against your face. But I would expect the presence of anything that isn't water, including soap, to just slow down the absorption of the water. (Again, I can't point to an objective study.) Still, leaving the lather on your face long enough should do the job. Because of the water in the lather - not the soap.

    You can read the abstract of the study here:
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  10. Leclec13

    Leclec13 Well-Known Member

    ive read many a peer reviewed scholarly article
    first one on shaving ! very interesting
    i'm going to see if i can get full article with work access
    Thanks for posting!

    Water is King!

    i always apply pre shave oil and/or poraso preshave on wet face..... i think it preps the skin and holds water in hair.... if it does nothing then it's a psychological advantage and it feels good.... regardless of hair, shave, moisture... it helps keeping skin feels super soft, silky, moisturized
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