Qshave Parthenon - It's here! (quick review)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by T_I, May 29, 2018.

  1. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Nice review. I had similar results. Today, I'm going to try it with a Feather. I probably like a milder shave than you, so I'll keep it away from max open.

    I'm curious how it will compare to the Rockwell Model T. I believe you're in queue for one of those, too. Hope you get it soon so we can get an objective review and comparison. @Jim Bennett is scheduled to get his Monday.
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  2. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Final Impressions

    There is much to like about the Parthenon. It has nice weight and balance, a long handle for my large hands, a compact and maneuverable head, it looks great and it's a fine shaver. But it does not push my Parker Variant from the top spot as my favorite adjustable DE. My best shaver of any type remains my Colonial General.

    It is a fine razor and others are likely to prefer it over the Variant, and I would understand that choice. For me, howerver, the Variant provides the best balance between comfort and efficiency of any adjustable DE razor I've used.

    I haven't purchased a fixed head DE razor in over 10 years, so....that Feather AS-D2 is looking kinda sweet, but pricey. Maybe that Razorock Mamba...
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  3. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    many people would prefer it over any type of adjustable razor such as the merkur, parker is because of the ease of blade access due to the TTO, now possibly wont be able to top the Rex but the Rex is on a whole different level price wise. As more and more reviews are coming in I'm really considering buying one and possibly the one with the black handle
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  4. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I agree. The TTO was what attracted me initially, too. At that price, it's worth trying and it's not like you're buying junk, it's really a nice razor.
    The other player in the TTO game right now is Rockwell. Eventually, they'll get it right, but for $195, I'd spend the extra 25% and get the Rex.
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  5. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Excellent article on final impressions,The Parker Variant is like old faithful to you and many more because it proved its worth, it comes down to quality and pricing now. The Parker Variant might come out with Variant 2 or priced their old model lower to try and crush Qshave getting a footing?? Sure lots of Excellent adjustable's out there and just have been introduced recently like Karve with its a-f plates , Rex and Parthenon.
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  6. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    I missed this being available until now. With my wife getting into wet shaving, my long handled DEs are getting moved out of my shave cabinet, so it's only right to order a new one to put in there, right?
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  7. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    You know what they say,"Idle space is the work of the devil." You better fill it with some goodness before something truly evil claims that space.
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  8. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    I agree. For my family's protection, I went ahead and ordered one. $50 for piece of mind is a good value.
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  9. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    The Model T’s from Rockwell are shipping out? I was under the impression that Indiegogo backers such as myself would get theirs sometime in mid to late August. I believe the original KS campaign backers will get theirs sooner. But I wouldn’t complain if they decided to ship one out to me sooner... :happy005:
  10. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I made a mistake. Jim was talking about getting his Parthenon in the Model T thread. He clearly wrote Parthenon, but my brain read Model T.

    I still have not seen a single person on either the KS or GO forum claim to have received their razor.
  11. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Got it... :happy088:
  12. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    Now that some have used them a bit.How is the black handle holding up? Any issues with the colour fading?
    I know they did have some problems with the first black handles and didn't send them out.
  13. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I have the black handle model. No issues that I can see.
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  14. jwr3265

    jwr3265 Well-Known Member

    I have a few shaves under my belt with the Parthenon. I’m probably going to PIF.

    The Feathers definitely did not work for me so I tried to tame it with a PermaSharp. Better but still “scrapey” IMO. A bit too much blade feel for me

    I hope others have a better relationship with it. It is well made and at a good price.

    Still waiting for my Model T...

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  15. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I agree. This razor is very similar to a Futur, which can be an aggressive razor. I used a Futur exclusively for almost 7 years and I prefer milder razors. With the Futur, I usually kept the setting under 3 and loved the razor. I belive the Parthenon is the same.

    I also agree with you on the weight, balance and handling of the razor; it's really exceptional. And the low-profile head makes it very maneuverable. Even though in a previous post, I claimed this razor wasn't my favorite adjustable, I find myself, inexplicably, reaching for it each shave, wanting to try it one more time.

    I think it's growing on me.
  16. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    After using it a while, I have to say, I like the razor a lot. It's my daily now and will be for a long time I guess, with the rest as spare/back-up. However, I found 2 annoying things about the Parthenon:

    1. The head is building up hairs and soap pretty fast and simple rinsing it under a running tap almost never works, you need to brush the residue out or open it.
      Didn't have this issue on the Slim Twist, had it even on the Slim Adjust at settings below 7 from time to time, but on the Parthenon, due to the design of the base plate I have it at all settings I've tried (6 and lower) after each stroke.
    2. The ring to open the head so you can rinse it is smooth. The adjuster ring they have a rough part so you have grip, but not on the release.
      Not an issue, unless you have a problem with 1. and need to open and close it during shaving.
    At least now I know why they included a small brush with the razor. I prefer a used extra soft toothbrush though. (will have a 'new' one at the end of the month, as we replace toothbrushes again, my wife uses extra soft) With a better design of the base plate (open, so you can rinse it better) it would be perfect, but the handling is a lot better then the Slim Adjuster (for me).

    Weight and handle length makes it my preferred razor, beating (in order) the Slim Adjuster (handle to short), Slim Twist (would be second but for the wear it has) and Krona (not really my style, a widening handle, tad to light as well).
  17. Michael_W

    Michael_W Well-Known Member

    After reading the reviews here I am seriously tempted to send away for this, although I will certainly be PIFing or selling the Feather blades as they are far too harsh on my face and I've heard better things about Kai blades and I have 100 each still of Astra Superior Platinum and Wizamet Iridium Super, along with a few tucks of PIFed blades.
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  18. kfbrady

    kfbrady Well-Known Member

    Interesting how subjective all this is. I find Feathers to be the sharpest blades I use, which in a mild razor give me a smooth and comfortable shave with a minimum of pressure on the handle.
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  19. Michael_W

    Michael_W Well-Known Member

    Oh they're sharp enough—too sharp in my Merkure 34c, which is my go-to razor. I didn't have nearly as much trouble with it in my Van Der Weishi though, so maybe it won't be so nasty if I use it in the Qshave, which was made in conjunction with Weishi.
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  20. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    Apparently they are backed up on the black handled one. I ordered mine on June 11th, and it still hasn't shipped. I contacted them, and for the second time they said it should ship out in a few weeks. They have the silver in stock, but if I'm going to order another razor I don't need, I want the color I like.

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