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    This is a 'regulation' brush from an English Naval Officer.

    In the old days the English Queen gave the new officers shaving equipment including this traditional horse hair brush, with lead metal part and wooden handle, a hair brush, another brush for clothes, a razor etc.

    Later it stopped being delivered as a gift from the Queen, when the officer was assigned to her first ship.

    But the families followed that tradition and it became a family gift to the young marine soldier.

    Who has more information and photos of this English tradition, sadly lost?


    This type of brush is still used by Spanish barbers, and it is still manufactured here (it must be remembered that Mahon, in the Balearic Islands, was for a time an English marine military base), and despite the fact that the English left, the traditional brush among our Spanish models .. and continues to be manufactured by Danidom, currently
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    That is interesting! How did you acquire it?
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    I though that brush looked familiar ..... Bruce Everiss restored it here. He mentioned that it was a Rubberset.

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    The subject of the question is if any of you know anything more about that beautiful story of the queen's gift to the Navy officers.

    In my blog I have published expanded posts about this brush


    In Spain there is a manufacturer of the same model, Danidom, they are very cheap, between 6 and 12 euros, of bristles

    The handle is made of boxwood, a wood that will soon disappear, because there is an insect that is killing the plants like a plague. Box is the slowest growing tree we have ... an average of 50 years!

    But the issue is if you know more about that gift for the officers!

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