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Discussion in 'Women's Shaving' started by colosilverado, May 15, 2011.

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    I think I saw somewhere that you use the "star" razors. My wife used my Futur but had to crank it up to 6, she said. She's on the fence.
    Any advice? :confused:

    Of course this question is open to all, and especially our female sisters!
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    My go-to razor is any of the Gillette Stars razors. I have all flavors, the Blue, Pink, and Champagne. Excellent shave and the long-handle is a plus. I have used all types of blades in the razor to the same BBS shave for my legs. YMMV on the blades but the Gillette Stars is an excellent razor for anyone.
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    I used to have a Gillette Blue Star razor, but I sold it, and use a Gillette Long Handled Super Adjustable set on 3. Both razors work great for me. I just like the look of the super adjustable better.

    Sharps have always been my go to blades, as soon I tried them. I've tried other blades but none have replaced Sharps.

    I'm not sure on what other advice you're asking for.

    Do you have some creams or soaps that fit her idea of girly scents? If not, buying her some should be an attraction to her for converting.
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    I think you sold it to me for my wife who still uses it!!!
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    HI RAY!!!

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