Question: What Razor Do You Use

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by V1P3R, May 25, 2010.

  1. Donato

    Donato Member

    Gillette Slim Adjustable
  2. Billr

    Billr Mix Master Mighty White!

    I alternate between my 66 SS, my 1912 GEN jr, my 48/50 SS and my MM. However I do believe my 1912 is my favorite and I also think I have lost my 48/50 SS to my wife!
  3. stampncarve

    stampncarve New Member

    Use Edwin Jagger DE87. Truly beautiful razor. The ivory handle is comfortable and does not appear slippery.

  4. stampncarve

    stampncarve New Member

    Forgot to mentyion that I alternate with an older Gillette. Not sure of the type. Both give remarkable shaves.

  5. TimeWeaver

    TimeWeaver Member

    Well... I've got a Merkur too; but my Gillettes are my go-to razors.
  6. Smoothy

    Smoothy Well-Known Member

    Brand: GEM
    Models: 1x 1912 and 1x Junior (essentially the same)

    And after a whee bit of testing and playing around, I use now exclusively Ted Pella stainless steel SE blades, PFTE-coated for use in the above-mentioned Gems.
  7. marc59

    marc59 New Member

    For everyday I use a Future. When I move, I use the 37c slant, easier to transport.

    A remark moreover: an excellent blade in a razor will be sometimes inferior in the other one.

    Example: Astra Platinium is very good on the Future, and average on the slant. Feather is very aggressive on the Future, and much softer on the slant.
  8. Occams Razor

    Occams Razor Member

    This is an easy one, MERKUR ! Enough said.
  9. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Boy, this guy V1P3R is certainly getting a lot of milage out of his only post!
  10. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    Maybe he is waiting till everyone answers. :D
  11. TomPike

    TomPike Active Member

    Oh sorry... my fault.
    Ok V1P3R, it's safe to respond now. I'm here... :happy102
  12. Barbarian

    Barbarian New Member

    If I had to pick one, it would me my old, reliable late 40s Gillette Superspeed.

    I would have a tough time not being able to mix in my long-combed New or my Red-Tip, however.

    Oh, yeah, and my Schick Krona.

    And my Fat-Boy.

    And... I have too many to list.
  13. geogaga

    geogaga Member

    Merkur, Muehle, Parker.
  14. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Come on Alexey...You list all those new razors, but you're sitting on some of the most beautiful vintage classics...When you gonna tear into those bad boys...I know you got to want to...:))
  15. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Welcome To TSD Bro! This Is The Best Wet Shave Board On The Planet!
    I have those same razors you listed and they are all great!
  16. MadCapsule

    MadCapsule Member

    I use a Feather Portable.
  17. Sydney Guy

    Sydney Guy Member

    Gillette Slim Adjustable and Astra SP blades
  18. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Gillette classics mostly, such as 65' Slim, 59' FatBoy set at 7-9, and 55' Red Tip, offset only by my SE Gem Gold lid Push Button. I love em all, but lately the Red Tip has grown on me, as I am leaning towards using sharper-but forgiving blades in more aggressive non-adjustable razors. May try a modern non-adjustable DE next in Merkur, Muele, or EJ lines.
  19. glazer1972

    glazer1972 Member

    At the moment a 1966 Gillette Ball End Tech.
  20. MichaelG

    MichaelG New Member

    I pretty much only use Schick Injectors

    I have an E Schick that I use most of the time. I bought it NOS, unused condition on eBay and it shaves like a dream.

    I also use a Schick L1 - also purchased new, unused on eBay.



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