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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Joe Nobles, Jul 13, 2018.

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    So I've been shaving old school with DE's, SE's and Injectors since January, and have used a diverse selection of blades with the various razors I've acquired over that time. Additionally I've tried a couple of soaps and two different kinds of brushes. So I'd like to talk about what I like and don't like about the different combinations. Of course all of you will have your thoughts on all of this and sharing what our views are is what we do this for, so here we go!

    The razors I have:
    1) Gillette Old Style no date code, purchased in a Khaki Kit from Razor Emporium
    2) Ever Ready 1924 Shovel Head SE Razor
    3) Schick E2
    4) Schick G4
    5) Gillette Tech Ball-End date code R1
    6) Gillette Super Speed (no notch no date code)
    7) Gillette Slim Adjustable date code H2
    8) Schick Krona
    9) Рубин-1
    10) Rapira Platinum Lux
    11) Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor

    The blades I've used:
    1) Gillette Platinum Plus (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    2) Rapira Platinum Lux (Moscow, Russia)
    3) Voskshod (Moscow, Russia)
    4) Ladas (Moscow, Russia)
    5) Personna Red (Israel)
    6) Schick Injector (Yellow USA)
    7) Treet (ASR Israel)
    8) Van Der Hagen (Germany)
    9) Gillette/Wilkinson Sword (India)
    10) Wilkinson Sword (Germany)
    11) Спутни (original Soviet era Leningrad made blades)

    I have tried all the different DE blades in each of the various different DE razors and for me the Rapira Platinum Lux blades are the best no matter what razor they're in. As many of you have noted Rapira Platinum Lux, Voskhod and Ladas are very similar but they don't do as well for me in the Krona, The Old Style or the Рубин-1. The two different Wilkinson Sword blades did the best in the Super Speed, the Slim Adjustable and the Рубин-1. The Van Der Hagen blades sucked no matter what razor they were in, so much so that I couldn't finish the shave with them. The Old Style did best with the Personnas followed by the Rapira Platinum Lux. Obviously the Shovel Head never had anything but the Treets, likewise the two injectors were only used with injector blades by Schick. The Rapira Platinum Lux Razor did best with the blades of the same name followed closely by the Wilkinson Swords (both Indian and German) and the Personnas. The Спутни blades worked best with the Рубин-1 and surprisingly in the Old Style. My Super Speed and and Tech did best with the Rapira Platinum Lux and Personnas followed by the Gillette Platinum Plus and Gillette/Wilkinson Sword (India) blades. The Krona did best with the Rapira Platinum Lux and German Wilkies.

    I think that about covers it. So my final conclusion is that my favorite Razor and blade combination comes down to my Gillette Ball-End with Rapira Platinum Lux blades of course most of you know of my fondness for the Tech. Other favorites are the Super Speed with Personnas and the Рубин-1 with the original Спутни blades.
    I am least fond of the Shovel Head (I don't hate it but it isn't much more than a novelty). The Injectors are in a class of their own and tie with the Super Speed, Рубин-1 and Slim Adjustable after the Tech. The Rapira Platinum Lux with it's favorite blades and the Old Style with it's favorite blades are next. BTW my two adjustable razors (the Рубин-1 and Slim Adjustable) are always set to "3" no matter what blade I use in them.

    I did mention that I've tried several kinds of soaps and they are as follows:
    1) Williams
    2) Van Der Hagen Delux
    3) Van Der Hagen Luxury
    4) Stirling Gentleman
    5) Soap Commander USA: Confidence

    My favorite is Stirling Gentleman followed by the rest in no particular order, all depending on mood and selected on the basis of scent since I feel that they all perform equally well for me in all other ways.

    So I think you all now get a fair sense of my taste when it comes to shaving habits let me know how this compares to the conclusions you have come to in all of your experiences.

    Live long and shave well!
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    Article Team
    Glad you have found combinations that work well for you. If I am not involved in a 30 day focus, I just grab and go, meaning any razor-any blade. Unless user error is involved (and even after 4 1/2 years, not unheard of), I can get the same great shave from any of my razors and blades.
    I used to think that certain blades were "better" than others---and I still maintain that certain blades "last longer" than others, but I have come to realize that it's all in "our hands" (pun intended) so to speak, what kind of shave we get every morning.
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    I used to be a morning shaver, but I gave up on that when I switched from working nights, many years ago. I prefer to shave after I take my after work shower. I use that time as a wind-down ritual. So evaluating the various razor and blade combos is all apart of the ritual, but for all practical purposes I have learnt to get the same results with all potential combos. Except for the Van Der Hagen blades, which like I said are just plain useless for me.
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    Oh, I forgot to add YMMV!
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    Thank you. This is really good work. A few additional parameters I think should be important:

    beard - fine, or coarse, or thick, thin., etc.
    skin - sensitive, leather-like, etc.,
    water - hard, soft, in-between
    schedule - hours between shaves

    Again, thank you for taking the notes that I should, but fail to do.
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    Interesting review, thank you! It’s interesting how different razors perform better with different blades. I find that true with mine as well.
  8. Joe Nobles

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    I'm glad you all found my efforts helpful.

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