Razorock lupo SS dc, 0.72 oc e 0.95 sb

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    Liked my shave today with the Lupo & Feather. I will say that I’ve generally gotten my best shaves with Feathers on subsequent shaves between 2-5 (Feathers are done for me at about 4 to 5 shaves tops). Today it was really good as the Feather will show a bit of initial harshness yet, with the Lupo it was quite comfy with the slightest of the harsh feeling. The shaves I believe should get better in my experience. A few more to go. Fun Time!

    Wonderful shaves to all....

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    Nothing much to report with the Feather & Lupo combo on its 2nd shave. Only that it’s a match made in razor heaven especially after the first shave with this hardware set up. Super efficient feeling yet comfortable and actually very smooth. Feathers always do well after the initial go. Not the slightest in harshness and the Lupo .95 just hums along effortlessly. Now, I didn’t say mindless as the Feather still has the teeth of a hungry lion waiting to pounce on a hapless & careless soul but, it certainly isn’t intimidating in the Lupo and I think the Lupo reigns in that harsh and ferocious characteristics that a Feather can show. Granted, I’m not slinging it around my face as I would a Mamba .70 or a British Tech but, I’m moving at a nice pace and the combination left nothing but a BBS finish in 2 plus passes plus a chin buff. Not a shred of irritation. I see real good shaves with this union.....

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    Wrapped up shave 3 about an hour ago and nothing out of the ordinary. Again, just a smooth 2 pass shave with a slight buff on the chin & corners of the stache. I maintain a mustache so, I don’t shave that area but, if I did, this razor would be nearly perfect for that spot. Extremely low profile head that gives the Lupo SS excellent maneuverability that inspires confidence unless of course, you’re all thumbs. Then only providence or The Almighty can provide you with a comforting solution. Or, just grow a beard.

    So far the Lupo .95/Feather combination is as formidable a combination as any razor that I’ve shaved with to date that does NOT feel intimidating nor ferocious by any stretch of the imagination, just an excellent melding of efficiency & smoothness. If you look at the pic, you can see a bit of blade reveal/exposure with a decent gap between the guard & blade. Don’t pay any mind to that as that is just the angle at which the pic was taken. Looks like a Tiger but, purrs like a putty-tat. I’ll run this blade out until it gives up the ghost and unto the KAI.

    Happy Shaves & Happy Easter/Passover to all.....

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    Shave 4 with the Feather & Lupo combo and it was a fine one indeed. Unfortunately, on the ATG pass, it started to get a bit tuggy so, I knew the Feather didn‘t have much left (Feathers are great in sharpness and their ability to cut even the densest of hairs. Longevity though is among the lowest of the low. Shame really for the premium price tag). Anyways, I finessed the rest of the shave and still managed a BBS finish though, I did get some feisty growling from the Alum Bar pass on a couple of spots and the splash was a bit more livelier. I put the final results on me, no blame on the razor or blade. I just rolled the dice there and took a slight loss on end result comfort. But, the irritation gremlins were gone in less than 30 mins.

    Overall, the Feather & Lupo are a dream combination that gives superb results against some big hitters in the same class (Timeless SS .95, H&S PO76Ti, GC .84 sb/oc & Jaws, Carbon Cx-Ti). Shave 1 was very good, shaves 2 & 3 were darn near perfection. Problem here is that the shaves are limited with the Feather and that’s no fault of the razor at all. If I could get a weeks worth of shaves from them, I’d be happier than a pig in poop on a warm spring morning.

    Well, it’s unto the KAI blade for the next shave. Looking forward to that pairing.

    Happy shaves to all.....
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    Yeeaaaaaahhh..... Fantastic shave. The KAI & Lupo .95 just brought it today On their first shave pairing. Couldn’t get my shave in sooner as work & schedule played a role in pushing things back. But, man this was a stellar shave. Blade feel was ramped up ever so slightly yet, it still maintained a cool smoothness & efficiency that was right on. A 2 pass shave with 2 1/2 days of beard growth and a slight touch up on the corners. Finito. A very impressive shave outing that shaved about as good as my Timeless .95 SB but, just a hair under in smoothness and comfort. No nics, cuts, weepers or irritation to speak of. Not bad at all for a sub-$100 razor. We’ll see how it goes on consecutive shave days with this combo....

    Happy shaves...... :happy036:


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    I know it's a broken record and blah, blah, blah....
    What can I tell you? It works, plain & simple. Lupo .95 & a Feather equals a very efficient yet quite forgiving shave if you have solid shave technique. No, you don't need to be a Wu-Tang Clan White Lotus Master to excel with it or a graduate disciple of the Shaolin Monk 36th Chamber Sifu. I enjoy the .95, others enjoy the .72 and another group gets it with the DC .72/.95 set up. For the $$$, it covers the range of shavers extraordinarily well.

    Not perfect as nothing is in the shave realm but, it's a really, really good line from Razorock.

    Great shaves to all....

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    “Hey, is this razor any good?” It’s the question that is posed hundreds of times over from those that have read hundreds if not thousands of posts across the web and shave forums. Mind boggling how someone can still question a razor after a far majority have given it the thumbs up sign.

    My answer: Duuuuhh, yeah.
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