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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Marine68, Jan 31, 2018.

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    I've voiced the exact opinion elsewhere (which probably helped get me booted) that if you _need_ to shim a razor, it's not a razor I'd want, or need. If you shim for fun - go for it. Otherwise, get a razor known for not needing shimming at all, and learn it well. Then go play.
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  2. Latherin’ Luddite

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    Well this thread prompted me to do a side by side comparison of the AS D2 and Mamba last night. Two passes plus cleanup, and both with Feather blades with a few shaves already on them.

    I learned two things very quickly. First and foremost, it was a DUMB idea. While I’ve had nothing but good/great shaves from both razors, trying to bounce back and forth between the two caused more operator error than I anticipated. I definitely needed aftershave when the smoke cleared.

    The second thing I learned was the ASd2 shaves closer but less smoothly. Regrowth will appear sooner with the Mamba, but for a daily shave it still works great for me. The Feathers safety bar and general head feel seems forgiving of and almost encouraging a more perpendicular head orientation rather than riding the cap. Combined with the design of the bar it creates a less enjoyable shave for ME. All of the irritation created by this test came from the ASd2.

    I still like both razors, and appreciate their quality. But for an everyday shave where skin irritation can start to multiply over time, I’ll take the Mamba. IF I could only own one razor then maybe the Feather would be a smarter pick. But I’ve got my Merkur 1904 for anything more than daily growth, so my hypothetical answer to an island scenario would be a Mamba and Merkur 1904 team.
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    The Mamba is wonderful.
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    I really enjoy the Razorock Mamba. I use two shims and lock it down for a five day work week before replacing the blade. It’s become my daily driver because it’s mild and doesn’t nick - even with the shims. Adding shims allowed me to dial in the aggressiveness I like best. Weekends I use something else, usually something more aggressive just to switch things up and to use all the razors I’ve purchased over the years. Sometimes I wonder if the Mamba 70 head is same as the regular Mamba with two shims?
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    I'm impressed with RazorRock razors. I have the Mamba and the GC, as well as the Hawk. They're all excellent shavers and represent outstanding value for the shaver.
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    the mamba is a fine razor for me, i like it for what it is. i am a vintage gillette user most of the time and like mild razors. i tried the mamba recently with an ikon bulldog handle and got an excellent shave.great razor for the $.
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