Recommendation for a new synthetic brush plz

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by BlueShaver, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    My main bush i use is a YAQI mysterious space 26mm tuxedo synthetic.

    God i love this brush, After the chemist shop horrors i used previously, this was (and still is) an utter revelation to use. Its like an angel kissing your face and lathers insanely well, dries quickly and has amazing splay. Its great for face lathering.


    The handle is just a tad too large for me. I like to cradle the knot when i am face lathering. I also think a 24mm knot might be a little better suited.

    So, looking in the YAQI store for a 24mm short handled version, i am disappoint.

    Don't like the Moka handle.
    Don't like the Sagrada Handle.
    The white handle is meh

    Looking at DS cosmetics: (BTW; DS Cosmetics have the Kensurfs/PaulHFilms/Kevyshave Specials!! (Do they know this lol))

    DS Cosmetics: 24mm Short handled brush (Black)
    Seems ok, but i i have not heard about these guys and the handle looks chunky (?)

    Any suggestions plz?

    I want a synthetic brush with a small handle (Think the body shop brush ) for face lathering.

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  2. bayercy

    bayercy Active Member

    What about Yaqi Butterscotch Tuxedo brush?
    24mm knot. Ergonomic handle which i like the colour. It is my only synthtetic brush. I like using it but i prefer badgers. You could consider Yaqi' s red marble handles. There are 24mm options of red marble.
    And stay away from Body shop brush. After Yaqi , i dont think Body shop brush will satify you. [​IMG]
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  3. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    The butterscotch is as big as my Mysterious Space and i just dont get the colours or the others lol.
  4. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Maybe you should contact @Jayaruh and see what he could do. He can make up a brush the way you want.
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  5. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

    Supporting Vendor
    How about the Satin Tip The Purest? This is kinda a throw back from a couple of years ago when synthetics were just starting to gain in popularity, but it is an amazing little brush. The rubberized plastic handle makes it very grippy. It's a 22mm knot that splays easily and quickly whips up a great later. This was my second brush after starting out with the VdH boar brush and still holds a spot in my 25+brush rotation. It also makes a great travel brush since it is a little smaller.


    Satin Tip Shave Brush the Purest Luxury Synthetic, Black

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  6. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    +1! I'm a satisfied @Jayaruh customer. Mailed a couple hunks of Cypress to Jim in North Carolina USA, discussed the profile and knot size I wanted, and he produced a beautiful one of a kind handle. If you visit his blog, it's number 130.

    In the photo below is an Omega Professional #10098 (left) that fits my hand perfectly. The shiny aluminum Rubberset 400 replica by Tom @twhite is a similar size and generally same overall shape sporting an APShaveCo Tuxedo knot. The JR#130 is on the right. It's still going strong with the Maggard Sunrise knot.
    handle profile preferance.gif
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  7. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    My favorite types of brushes have always been with barbershop style of handles, either large or small.
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  8. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    Looks the right shape and size. The latest amazon reviews are not too generous though. Shedding seems an issue and i would like to try the latest synthetics as the product development is fast paced atm.
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  9. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    Nice brushes!
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  10. Ozwhisker

    Ozwhisker Member

    For a small synthetic brush, I think the Muhle 39K257 is hard to beat.
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  11. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    +1. Material science has come to Wet Shaving. Those early synths were not much more that a handful of fishing line. Now you can shop for size, shape, density, backbone, & get it in the color of your choice.

    Can you describe the qualities you seek in the knot? Are you open to buying a knot and installing it in a handle yourself?
    Got a new one just dropped off by the postal system. It's a latest generation synth in a limited edition handle. You've seen them in The 30 Day Crew. I'll review it there this evening. Unless I'm mistaken it's a SynBad knot.
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  12. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    I’m quite happy with my 24mm Yaqi Casmere. But my 2 top synthetics currently are my 21mm Muhle Silvertip Fiber, & coming in at #1 is my 26mm Shavemac synthetic. I have quite a few others, including a Simpson Duke 3 synthetic, but those 3 above are my current tops.
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  13. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    I nice quality brush with a well known name.



    the Omega Hi Synthetic


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  14. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

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    I own synthetic brushes featuring every modern synthetic knot on the market, I can tell you that the knot in the Satin Tip is as soft as anything out there. It may not be as dense but that doesn't really hinder it's performance. As far as the QC issues my brush is four years old and I haven't had any problems with it. But that doesn't mean there aren't issues in the current production run. Just some food for thought.

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  15. Jesseix

    Jesseix Active Member

    The Fine Stout synth might be a handle you’d like, but it’s not from the newest batch of knots that have come out. I had one and really liked the handle but fell out of love with the feel of the knot.
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  16. KUSTOM

    KUSTOM Well-Known Member

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    Have you thought about a custom build? And when I say that, I don't mean from me. There's many people out there who will turn to your specs, and good knots are easy to get.
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  17. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

    No. But i am now :)

    Custom knots have custom price tags no? Lol.
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  18. KUSTOM

    KUSTOM Well-Known Member

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    Everybody uses the same knots. I think there's 1 factory in China that does them all. Maggard has some. The price comes from the handle...lots can go wrong there!
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  19. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    If you like a vintage shape .... you can get one restored with any knot you like.

    IMG_1332.JPG IMG_1334.JPG IMG_1433-2.JPG
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  20. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    The RazoRock Ivory Keyhole Plissoft is one of my favorite synths.
    IMG_9216 - Edited.jpg

    IMG_9211 - Edited.jpg

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