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  1. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    Hi y'all:

    I think I'm in the right category but...

    I am a die hard straight user however, I will be doing a fair amount of traveling starting in April. Having traveled with razor and strop in the past I've been thinking that for those weekends that I need to be on the road, a DE would be a better choice (simplicity, less fear of losing expensive equipment, etc).

    What would be a good DE for a straight user to use on an occasional basis?

    Thanks gang,

  2. Lucy7

    Lucy7 New Member

    I'm thinking one of those treet plastic DE razors. They've gotten good reviews here, inexpenisive (to start, or in case it gets lost), and light(but with good balance). Definitely worth looking at.
  3. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player

    Id say go for a Merkur HD.. One of the greatest shave tools invented..
  4. bearbeard

    bearbeard Right Guard

    check out the monsieur charles razor

    or the dovo Shavette razor.

    I would recommend on the shavette to get the stainless steel one as the colored handles are much lighter.

    the upside is that you can use a DE blade and still feel like you are using a straight razor.

    downsides. witht the monsieur charles razor you have to use injector blades.
    which means not many choices.

    with the dovo. its a bit lighter than the charles razor and doesn't have the shape of a normal str8 like the charles. however you can use the DE blades of your choice in em. They even come with different adapters so that you can use some longer blades than a normal sized DE blade. Here is a link to the mr. charles razor:

    and for the shavette:

    I have loved using both of them.
  5. bearbeard

    bearbeard Right Guard

    bump....this is one of those that was not showing up when I looked at new threads. or my recent posts or reformation students recent posts
  6. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I'm going to look through them.
  7. zippersmith

    zippersmith New Member

    You could always grab a vintage Gillette DE.
    The cost is minimal and the blades plentiful.

    A Slant bar DE I've heard is the closest thing to a straight.

    There are many of us who have old gillettes we could sell you for a few bucks and shipping. Heck I'd even throw in some nice blades.... ;)

  8. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    I've read that a slant bar should never be used by a DE newbie.

    Do you have, or can you point me to, any pictures of vintage Gilette DEs? Are they ebay avaliable? OK, done with the questions :D
  9. Will

    Will Nevermind

  10. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

  11. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Ebay is a great place is it not.

    For starting DE shaving I say go with a Superspeed, or Merkur HD
  12. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    Do you, or anyone else, know why they are called Superspeeds?
  13. Will

    Will Nevermind

    No idea, but it is a cool name. :D
  14. zippersmith

    zippersmith New Member

    If you have the presence of mind to use a straight razor I wouldn't think a slant would be out of the realm of possibility. Just be careful not to push down, and watch your blade angle... it's a great shave.

    Maybe the super speeds were called that because with the tto (twist to open) design, it was easy and speedy to change the blades.,,,
  15. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Yep. Give that man a cigar! This was the 1940s, after all (and 50s, and beyond). We were rebuilding the country after WW II. They were selling that "modernism" stuff after the war, and TTO was easier and faster than a 3 piece unit.

    See this old TV ad from 1948.
  16. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    Wow!!! Only $1.29??? It looks like they are way overpriced on Ebay :rofl

    Seriously, thanks for the video. I love the old stuff.
  17. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Y'know, it's funny you mention that. I thought the same thing. Then I found this site. A buck twenty nine then has the same "purchasing power" as $10.80 today. I have seen some Super speeds in antiques shops for $5.00, so they are still a great deal! :D
  18. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    So, if I wanted a SuperSpeed, what would be considered overpriced? $20? $15? $1.5m? :D

    Then there's learning technique. I know there must be instructions/videos posted in here somewhere so I'll take some time tonight to search.

    Thanks again, gang :signs107
  19. Reformation Student

    Reformation Student New Member

    Need another recommendation

    This time, blades.

    What would be a good blade to use that could be purchased at my local Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc.?

    Looking forward to the responses.

  20. Will

    Will Nevermind


    If you want PM me your address and I will send you a Sampler.

    Over priced Super Speed = 25 dollars.

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