Removing hone wear over a cup of coffee ;)

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by TestDepth, Jul 28, 2019.

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    Okay, maybe you can’t “remove” hone wear... but you can create the illusion it’s gone. ;)

    Vulcan Cutlery blade out of Germany. It was part of a lot and not one I cared much about.
    I don’t like the look the hone wear gives this razor, and some deeper scratches take away from what could be a nice razor.
    Happened to be up before my wife, so I can do this on the kitchen table with just sandpaper... no mess & no noise.

    180 grit works nice for this. The engraving is deep so that wouldn’t be a problem. I put some electrical tape on the blade face to minimize stray scratches. Looks like this:
    No backing/cork for the paper as I like to feel what it’s doing. Just trying to blend the bottom of the hone wear line away.

    One cup of coffee down. :)
    Next post will show the progress during cup 2.
  2. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool so far..
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  3. TestDepth

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    Once I like the look and feel of the transition from spine to blade face, I remove the tape and figure out the grit progression.

    400 was next and I need to focus on the 180 scratches, but I also take it all the way to the edge at this point. I do spend some time here, as it sets up just how easy the rest of the sanding will be. And I’ll throw out the point that I really love hand sanding... I just do... for real. :)

    Here is the blade at the end of 400.
    At this point the hone wear line is basically hidden, and I can go up the grits based on how I feel. I went 800-1000-1500-2000 with this one. There is a special feeling with the 1500 & higher grits on a blade face... I enjoy that glass like sensation.

    And here we go...
    I like this much better and my wife didn’t yell at me.
    Have fun with your projects.
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  4. TestDepth

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    Thank you sir.
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  5. brit

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    awesome sir..looks fantastic..:)
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  6. TestDepth

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    Thanks Gary. I appreciate it. These razors are pretty resilient... just a little elbow grease and sandpaper can make a big difference.
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  7. brit

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    i have used this technique to clean up and polish many parts and pieces of various metals on vintage cars,trucks and bikes..the type of metal and details dictate the grits and sandpaper type used..old fashioned elbow grease always wins..i have polished many engine parts/crankshafts etc with various products,a whole different regime again for plastics:):)..fantastic results sir..its a fine looking razor..:)
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    Supporting Vendor
    Very Nicely done :)
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  11. TestDepth

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    Thank you guys.... much appreciated.
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