Tutorial Replating a 40's SuperSpeed

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Draftetdan, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Member @Draftetdan dropped the tutorial on us but hasn't been active for a little while. It happens when folks join TSD, gather what advice or information they need and move on.

    Thank you @MrEE for adding to the data on the procedure! Getting the old razor clean before plating ought to increase the service life. Knowing all the supplies to do this are easily available & taking the proper precautions to keep it safe?
    Awesome :cool:
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    I think I am interpreting the question mark (?) accurately. The cleaning solution is safe enough. TSP sounds intimidating, but it's not any worse than acetone.

    The acids require care, but nothing too intimidating. You can also buy surface activator, but costs add up. https://www.caswellplating.com/elec...reatments-etches/nickel-activator-1-pint.html.

    Acids are no big deal. Just don't get any of it on your skin or anything else you want to keep in solid/non-liquid form and you'll be fine. :)
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    MrEE, I'm so glad you added to my story. So much of what I've done was based on what I gleaned from other sources. The whole time I was thinking "this seems right.. I hope nothing goes wrong". Your suspicions are correct. I tried re-plating a nice old Ever ready (1930's I think) and i didn't get anywhere near the results I was looking for (peeling and flaking and poor adhesion). The superspeed is holding up pretty well but, because the RAD bug has struck, the SS is farther back in the rotation than it deserves and doesn't get a lot of use. It seems to be getting a tiny hint of gold on the rounded edges. Likely from the plating getting thin. I'd love to pick your brain for some better techniques that could be applied. It seems that the majority of the web sources that I located were either very basic and didn't explain even a little of the science or ,worse, so in depth that they quickly overwhelmed me and what I could recall from high school chemistry.
    I'll have to review my process and see what kind of exciting questions i can toss at you, if you are willing to share.
    BTW, I saw the pic of some of your replating jobs (in another post)... Very Cool. It looks like you've really nailed down the process.
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    Certainly, I started exactly the way you did and had good initial results then disaster. Electro cleaning and/or alkali cleaning, water break testing, acid dip to activate, and then plating. I have had great results. It would be fun to see others get the results they want as well.
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    I want to re-plate my 1964 Slim I was thinking about letting Razor emporium do it but I’m the type of man that if I know I can do something why pay someone to do it !!! #HandyMan
    Plus on here and I think somewhere else I heard mixed reviews I heard they do great work and some people said they had a bad experienc and/ or messed up their vintage razor
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    I had Razor Emporium revamp 2 razors in Rhodium. They do a good job, but they over polished my fatboy rounding all the crisp corners off the adjustment dial and on my red tip they left a thin pinkish spot on the TTO knob. I won't be sending them more business. They're a high volume business and don't do as good of a job as they use to.

    Replating it yourself isn't cheaper and your first attempt won't look as good. Its all about prep and using the right tools.

    I would ask for suggestions on who else can replate your slim. I'm sure someone here knows of a good place.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just thought I would throw in my recommendation for Back Road Gold for anyone wanting a razor replated but don't necessarily have the time or inclination for DIY. I had them replate my Gillette Tech in nickel and they did a beautiful job.
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    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I'm retired with too much time on my hands, so may have to try this myself some day. :)
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    Refreshing this one from 2018 because...reasons...

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