REVIEW: Frank Shaving - Wooden handle two band brush and DE razor gift set.

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    Hi Gents,

    I had mentioned in my other FS review that I will be reviewing this set which includes a 20mm two band finest and a DE razor, along with 5 Feather blades.

    Both the brush and razor have beautiful wood handles. The wood is lightweight but absolutely gorgeous!

    Let’s start with the brush:

    It has a 20mm two band finest badger. The loft is set at 48mm.

    When it comes to badger brushes, I am not very fussy with knot size as I find anything from 20mm+ works just fine to hold enough lather for my 3 pass shave. With synthetics, I like a minimum of 24mm as any less than this generally don’t hold enough lather.

    The knot is as nice as my other FS two band badger brushes. The pre-bloom knot exhibits quite a scritch, as do basically all untreated two bands. I definitely have a preference for untreated badger knots as it only takes about 8-12 uses for it to fully break-in and soften up and is definitely worth it, as opposed to the treated knots that have ultra soft and disgusting gel tips!!

    The knot became soft and totally usable after a couple of hand lathers. After 3 face lathers, the brush was very comfortable without any scritch and the slight badger smell was totally gone.

    The handle is beautiful and very comfortable to hold due to the shape, despite the small form factor.

    The knot in this brush is very similar to the knot in the FS turnback travel brush. You can read my detailed review about that brush here:

    The DE razor is also sporting the matching wood handle and the set looks gorgeous!

    The DE head is very similar to the Maggard V3A head. It’s not a mild razor but not so aggressive that it’ll bite. The shave was close and fairly comfortable. I’d compare it to the Rockwell plate 3 in terms of shave efficiency but of course, slightly less smooth as the Rockwell is well known for its smoothness.

    The handle is light and the razor is slightly head-heavy but not so much that it feels totally out of balance. The balance point is high up on the handle and this is fine as I place my thumb and index finger at the notch towards the top of the handle, making it very comfortable to hold.

    The pack of feather blades was a nice touch and the blade goes nicely with this razor…as do my favourite Polsilver blades.

    This set would make a fantastic gift as the items come packed in a very nice presentation box.

    Here are some photos of the set.

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    very nice set..
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    It's a nice looking gift set, thank you for the review.
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