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    The Rex Ambassador is basically a Gibbs replica in SS, and one of my favorite modern razors, along with the Game Changer .84, 6s, and Karve.

    The Envoy is a 3 piece version of the Ambassador, mimicking setting 3.

    Got another shave in today with the Rex Envoy and after several uses I am positive there is a slight increase to blade exposure and rigidity, which gives great results on the ATG pass. Feels more like a 2.5 or 2.7 though, still pretty smooth.

    The weight is more towards the bottom than the top like the Ambassador, making it more maneuverable, but in my case requiring a bit of pressure, instead of letting the razors weight do the trick. Overall a great shave, and if you don’t already have an Ambassador I highly suggest it.
    7A54FF52-1E0E-4572-9CB2-A788BB3B3395.jpeg CCFA12F7-84F2-4440-A532-C3EAA8629970.jpeg 4E2B36DC-6191-439D-AE68-6BE88A809D1E.jpeg E7A9E100-6AC1-49E0-A5C5-5054F59AC10E.jpeg
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    Very nice looking razor. Thanks for posting your review.

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