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    This review serves as a follow up to Jeff's review.
    As he mentioned, this is the only commercial shave soap left in South Africa. Its a very hard soap and definitely needs some blooming. It lathers wonderfully, and i think ive mastered lathering soaps now. This soap contains olive oil as well as tea tree oil, so it has great skin care and antiseptic properties.
    Scent wise, it smells a bit like citronella, not a bad smell, but it isnt a soap made to have a particular scent, i think the tea tree oil mixed in is whats giving it a sort of herbal scent, but great soap overall.

    Lathering: 10/10this soap lathers great as long as you bloom it, even with a teaspoon of warm water five minutes before loading. Lather is also long lasting.

    Price:10/10 this soap costs 54 rand, under 3 dollars per 120g puck!!!

    Scent:6/10 it has no added scent, the herbal smell is as a result of the tea tree oil, but the smell it does have is definitely not bad at all!!!

    Slickness:10/10 this soap ties with the malt n Myrtle for the slickest soap ive used, with great residual slickness too!!!

    Soap hardness: 10/10its a very hard soap, and should last months with daily shaves.

    Overall, this is a very good shave soap if you're living in South Africa and need a shave soap from a chemist or pharmacy and can't wait for a delivery of some of the artisan soaps made locally, this soap is definitely a much better option than shaving gels and foams!!!!

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