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  1. My dilemma is that I just got a Rockwell 6S for Christmas and I have a 6C that I picked up about 3 months ago. Is is worth keeping both since they are basically the same razor just made from different materials? Should I sell the 6C since I like the stainless steel 6S better? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  2. timabababaluka

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    Depends. Do you have a travel razor? If not, hang on to it so you don't risk anything happening to your 6S. Otherwise, sell it, gift it, or pay it forward.

    Full disclosure: I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to gear. If you aren't that guy, and enjoy having a large den, do what makes your heart happy ;)
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  3. PLANofMAN

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    ^^^ yeah, that.

    I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to shave gear, so I'd probably hang on to it, but since it's more or less a duplicate, I'd be much less sentimentality attached to it.
  4. LaneP

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    Congrats on getting a 6s, it's a great razor. Some say even though the design of these two is basically the same, there are subtle differences (could be related to the weight). If you don't need the money I would keep both :)
  5. jmudrick

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    The difference would be a little too subtle for me to want to keep both.

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  6. That is just what I have experienced, basically the same quality shave experience. Thanks for your input.
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  7. BigD

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    I'd keep the 6C for historical purposes and in case a friend comes over and needs to borrow a razor.
  8. Terry Williams

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    I have both. I travel with the 6C and the 6S stays at home in its stand. They both shave pretty much the same, but the 6S weighs a tad more in my mind, which I like. So, it is more my daily driver (I may be transitioning to a Model T).
  9. Can you elaborate on the “historical purposes”?
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  10. BigD

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    Gillette still making their FatBoy? Now they are usable historical pieces. One day Rockwell will produce a different razor and the 6S/S/Jet Black will also be historical pieces.
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  11. Thank you for the clarification. That is a really good point to consider.
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  12. PLANofMAN

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    I wouldn't, but if you really want to, I'd let mine go for the kickstarter price + shipping.
  13. I think this forum has made me come to the conclusion that I will just keep the 6C gunmetal razor and use it as a travel razor. Thanks to all that replied and helped me come to this decision.
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  14. PLANofMAN

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    I thought I should clarify. The Model T is a good razor. A great razor even. It is a victim of poor timing, poor PR, and an unjustifiable price point. It's priced slightly below higher quality options, and higher than it's other adjustable competitors.

    If it had been made in solid brass or stainless, or the retail price was $50 less, the market perception might be different.
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  15. LaneP

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    I've long been a fan of the 6s (own two of them). The main reason I use other razors is the boredom factor. With plate 4 I get perfect shaves with German Wilkinson Sword and Gillette Perma-Sharp, as well as others (but why mess with perfection :))

    My job requires I be clean shaven (military) so I just finished an 11 day work stretch. For that 11 day stretch I used two Wilky's and just finished up the last two days with a Perma-Sharp.

    The 6s isn't going to win any aesthetics competitions but plate 4 and a good quality blade would be all I'd need to the bitter end...if I could get past getting bored with perfect shaves!
  16. Trigger

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    In my opinion, the model T is a better shaver than the 6 model.
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  17. Terry Williams

    Terry Williams Well-Known Member

    I don't want to hijack the thread, but I have some thoughts on the Model T. I've been using the Model T as my primary razor the last 2 months. I think the Model T is an excellent razor. I think it is pretty well built, but it has some quirks. I have 2 and the doors don't completely close when a blade is not present on one of them; they close perfectly and evenly with a blade inserted. My OCD just notices this, but my meds help me take it all in stride. ;) It has no effect on my shaves. The blade is completely enclosed under the door and inside the end caps. This is interesting and looks nice, but it is a little difficult to feel the end of the blade if you are trying to get a clean line around a beard or mustache (I have a Van Dyke). Lastly, the cap is pretty tall. That might feel awkward for some users and it causes me to fish for an angle just a bit. But, I get great, great shaves from the Model T; but, I think the 6S is just easier to use. I really like the weight and the length of the Model T. So, it stays in my daily stand for now. But, that said, I still love to use my 6S.
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  18. Why didn’t you just make a thread about the model-t? This thread is about the 6C and nowhere do you ever make mention of the 6C.

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