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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by tuxxdk, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Tdmsu

    Tdmsu Well-Known Member

    I love my 6s.
    I use the R6 plate everyday, usually with a voskhod blade. I step down to the R5 or R4 if I use a feather. I have had good results from Rockwell blades if I strop a few times first.
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  2. PumperNickel-BageL

    PumperNickel-BageL Active Member

    This strategy worked really well for me this morning. Started on plate 4 and then flipped the plate to plate 2 for my 3rd pass ATG and clean-ups

    One of the best shaves of 2018, yeah it was that good. This is def my favorite razor OF ALL TIME.
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  3. john zeiger

    john zeiger Well-Known Member

    I agree with your sentiments regarding the razor (my 6C is the best I have used as well and one of the least espensive). I haven't tried changing the plates mid shave, however, I like a very mild razor particularly on the clean up pass. When I use other more aggressive razors I frequently will switch to my Gillette Tech. Switching plates to a less aggressive plate as you do it is a great idea with the Rockwell!! Thank you for sharing.
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  4. jmudrick

    jmudrick Type A Man

    After determining that the post war Apollo razors' geometry* (including the Mikron) more closely resemble the Rockwell than any of my other razors, I took my aluminum Apollo for a spin to compare. Milder than my preferred 5 plate Rockwell shave -- the Apollo has like zero cap span -- but yeah a surprisingly good shave. The Yaqi cap will increase exposure, I'll give that a shot tomorrow.

    *Floating blade above flat baseplate, with fulcrum points at nearly exactly same distance from each other and blade edge. Among similar designs only the Gibbs has fulcrum points closer to edge.


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  5. FaceScraper

    FaceScraper Well-Known Member

    @tuxxdk - Please add me to the list.

    Late to the party - I got my Rockwell 6S just a few weeks ago, and I've only used it twice so far. I have a razor on loan that I'm trying out, but after that, it's back to the Rockwell.
    The two times I did use it...WOW. Both times (plate 3 w/ GSB), incredible shaves, zero effort. As much as I love vintage razors, I'm afraid they may be taking a backseat to the 6S.
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  6. Tdmsu

    Tdmsu Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened to me. The 6s is the champ in my den
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  7. pcweirdness

    pcweirdness New Member

    Ordered mine from Rockwell after they gave me a 20% discount. The 6C is on the slow boat to Australia. Can’t wait to give it a try

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  8. GawainandtheGreenKnight

    GawainandtheGreenKnight Well-Known Member

    Got a Rockwell 6c a couple of months ago, and it has become my absolutely favorite razor. Plate 4 with a Polsilver SI makes for a heavenly shave. In fact, I have began to neglect my other razors. I bought a New LC a month ago, which I only used for the first time, last week.
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  9. larzone

    larzone Member

    I ordered a 2c. Ended up selling it and got the 6S instead. I Use R6 with GSB every other Day or so.
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  10. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    I’ll be happy to be a member of the Rockwell Club. I’ve got the 6C. Use plates 4-6.
  11. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone received their Rockwell T Razor's yet?
  12. RandySP

    RandySP Member

    @tuxxdk Count me in too please. I have the 6c gunmetal.

    I find that gives a smooth shave with AstraSP even on #6, the blade is really steady in this razor. I tried with Polsilver, on #6 and #3. Excellent.

    But the lights go to the KAI blades. At #6, #5, #4 behaves like the Muhle R41 2013 on efficiency but way lot smoother. I know that these blades are a bit expensive, but to me they outperform the famous Feather.

    Also noticed that they come in double wrap paper, no logo at all, and the most important, no glue!

    There are many more blades that perform great in the Rockwell 6c. But I want to be sure before mention them. Such an excellent razor this one. This and my Qshave are the best razors I have. Hands down. YMMV always.
  13. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    I am a new Rockwell 6c owner and am using plates between 4 and 6. I must say this razor is awesome. I have very sensitive skin on my neck and suffer from shaving irritation as a general rule. Even my Timeless .68 causes me some discomfort. I love the looks of my Timeless but have heard so much positive reviews of the Rockwell and decided to give it a try. And I must say... I have been very happy with my purchase, and I am thinking of purchasing a 6s razor after reading It is made with 316l Stainless. Timeless only uses 304 Sanless which sometimes causes some tea stain issues. 316l Stainless is Marne grade stainless and much more resistant to tea staining. I wouLd have thought it is a no brainer to make a razor out of marine grade stainless. But apparently most stainless razors are made out of 303 or 304. I will post the best way to fight tea staining though it is hardly worth mentioning with using Rockwell.
  14. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    Why a Rockwell??????

    There are many reasons... but let's focus on the warranty

    I have never seen a company offer a warranty like Rockwell. It's insane to offer a warranty so favorited for the buyer. I love it but I actually had to read it three times to make certain I was seeing it correctly. And I'm not talking about the try it for 30 days money back and they pay the shipping offer. That is a great offer but some other companies like Timeless offer that as well. I'm talking about the lifetime warranty on the razor... and they will replace any part even if thE damage to your razor is damaged due to your neglect or rough treatment. Seriously. WHO OFFERS THAT KIND OF WARRANTY?

    Rockwell does

    If you guys think I'm wrong about this, go to Rockwell and read the lifetime warranty. It clearly states at the bottom of the warranty that they will honor the warranty even if you misuse and damage the razor. They did say that if your razor is damaged by mistreatment then they MAY ask you to pay for shipping. I've not seen a warranty like this from anyone else. Wish my car came with this warranty.

    So purchase a Rockwell. It's worth every penny... not only because it's a great Shaver, but is a razor that will last you for a lifetime. PERIOD!

    How can you loose?
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  15. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    Okay. I stated earlier that I would tell you the best way to fight tea staining a stainless razor.

    The first thing to understand is that tea staining is caused by the corrosion of the razor blade in contact with the razor itself. The Razor by itself will not develop staining. The degree of staining you will incur also depends on factors like water, the environment and gremlins. Okay, maybe not gremlins... but hey, I don't want to leave anything out of the equation.

    Two ways. The first is to remove the blade after each shave but most people don't want to do this. This was also the advice that Matt with Timeless suggested when I contacted thEm about my razor constantly developing tea staining. At first he offered advice on removing the tea stains but I wanted to know how to prevent it. That's when he suggested removing the blade after each shave. I appreciated his time in answering me but that isnt the solution I was looking for.

    So I began experimenting with different methods. I tried just about everything and was on the verge of trying Voodoo (desperate times demand desperate solutions) if it would solve the problem. But then I tried rubbing alcohol. I used a TOBS empty plastic container and filled it with alcohol. Then after each shave, I dipped the head of the razor into the alcohol for five seconds which gets rid of the moisture on the blade and stops the corrosion process. No more tea staining. An added benefit it helps keep your blade sharper for a longer period.

    Now I know others will question this... there are people who always find fault with everything. But guys, if your razor is having tea staining issues, and it probably is if your razor is made of 303 or 304 Stainless and depending on your water and the whole gremlin issue, then try this and it will solve the problem.

    The next question some will ask is... do I have to do this if I buy a Stainless razor like the Rockwell 6s which is made of marine grade 316l Stainless? The answer is... I don't know yet but before long I will purchase a 6s and put it to the test. No matter what happens it has to be better than the problem experienced with razors made of 303 or 304 Stainless.
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  16. Ska SF

    Ska SF Member

    I feel it is time to get one of these bad boys. I do have a question though... I've read somewhere that the 6c glides over the skin much better than the 6s. Any truth to this?
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  17. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member


    I don't know yet. I have seen that stated once before but it was by someone in the replating business and he was pushing replating your Rockwell. I did notice that several people disagreed with him stating they had no issues. But I won't really know for about a month before I add a Stainless. I can say that the Chrome version is a fantastic razor at half the price. One big advantage of the Stainless model is that it is made,in the U.S.A. And the Chrome isn't.
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  18. RandySP

    RandySP Member

    In my mind this means alson

    Yes it is true. Also, the 6c to my eyes is more beautiful than the 6s. The 6s may be more durable, but if you don't drop the 6c you won't have any problems. I would say to go with the 6c in gunmetal. Just excellent.
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  19. Ska SF

    Ska SF Member

    Stainless steel would be the big draw, chrome is far less appealing. The fact that you get all the plates with it makes the 6s seem a better way to go than the Karve adjustable in brass.
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  20. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    Randy thank you for the and info about the stainless. And I Agree, the Chrome razors do look better. THwts just my opinion... I am certain there are stainless owners who will disagree.
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