Rockwell Owners Adjustable Razors Club (ROARC)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by tuxxdk, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    I wanna join. I have 4 Rockwell Razors.
    * 2 Rockwell 6S
    * 1 Rockwell Model T
    * 1 Rockwell 6S Jet Black

    Today's shave;
    * Rockwell 6S Jet Black (R6, R5, and R4)
    * VdH Boar
    * VdH Bowl
    * Captain's Choice Heavy Copper Bowl
    * Vintage Colgate
    * Gentleman Jon's Alum Block
    * Clubman Special Reserve AS/EdC
    * Taconic Urban Woods Solid EdC
    * Old Spice Endurance Deodorant

    The Rockwell Jet Black was smooth and efficient. I'm not wondering if the coating gives just a little more gap.

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  2. Tdmsu

    Tdmsu Well-Known Member

    Since you have those razors, could you compare them in terms of efficiency and comfort?
    I'm curious about the T
  3. flash75

    flash75 New Member

    Hi welcome.
    I would like to read a comparison between the normal and Jet Black 6s..

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  4. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    No problem, let me get a few shaves under my belt with the Jet Black.

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