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    New update:

    New Campaign Update!
    The Rockwell Model T Razor & Blades: Shaving Perfected team just posted.


    posted by Rockwell Razors

    Sep 5, 2017 • 7:21AM PDT

    Dear Backers,

    It’s been a very productive month since our last update! As you may remember from the last update, I was meeting with our manufacturer to review the razors that were assembled using the updated fixtures in early August. From that assembly, we learned that the parts were dimensionally within tolerance over 98% of the time (a 2% reject rate for a project of this complexity is fantastic. However, we discovered that fractions of millimeters of “wiggle room” within the fixtures were causing compounding assembly problems around the T-Bar and the Top Doors. Put simply, this was resulting in a minutely bent razor blade in a small fraction of assembled razors, which unfortunately still put us outside an acceptable reject rate for mass production, completed products.

    That being said, we’re actually coming to backers today with good news! Since that early August assembly, we’ve update the fixtures one final time to fit the head pieces and the rod as snugly as possible during critical stamping procedures in assembly (which has been made possible only recently with the further improved tolerances of the T-Bar component). Pictures of the updated fixtures are below:


    And finally the good news: the test production at the end of August (basically a “retry” of the early August assembly except with updated fixtures) has been our first success, meaning we’re proceeding with the full production as outlined in the last update! The only thing that’s changed is that we’re now expecting the first 1000 razors to ship approximately 4-5 weeks from today, with the following razors following closely behind (still on the end-of-November schedule that we mentioned in the last update). That means all Indiegogo backers should expect to receive their Model T tracking number close to the end of November.

    It’s been quite a rollercoaster month for us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in the home stretch of bringing this incredibly exciting innovation to market. We hope everyone is as excited to be amongst the first people in the world to try a Model T as we are to begin shipping! Thank you again for continuing have our back, and please reach out to us at if you have any questions about production before the next update in late September / early October (unless you get a tracking link before then!)

    Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors
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    Great news for those backers.
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    How's that Rex ? Please tell me you got it.
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  4. jmudrick

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    "Shipping this month" now says Matt.

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  5. Jorvaljr

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    I believe it was pushed out to September now.
  6. DesertTime

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    It is September. It was pushed out to beginning or middle October. By end of October I suspect we'll have dozens of reviews for one of the most anticipated razors ever. I think they have over 5,000 backers. Amazing.
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    LOL I forgot it's now September. I didn't realize it was a kickstarter. I only heard about the pre-order.

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    Big mess here. Rockwell for the end of November at the earliest. Rex is for sometime in October. How the Rex came into play? No idea. All I posted was info for the Rockwell update for the Model T followers. It is what it is....
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    I don't see a mess. And I don't see any issue with bringing up another razor. It was a " while we are on the subject of new razors" kind of thing. Technically there already is a thread about the Rockwell T adjustable. The update could have easily been inserted there. You shouldn't be so easily offended, bothered, upset or disappointed that we discussed another razor. In the end it's only shaving and sometimes we smooch things together. :eatdrink047:
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  10. Str8on2

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    Fair enough... no offense taken.
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  11. DesertTime

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    The last I read, they were in full production at the end of July and the first razors were to ship 4-6 weeks from then. That would make it early to mid September. Since I backed out, I no longer get the updates, but I'm still hopeful for those still in it.

    Has anyone got their razor yet and, if so, what do you think of it?
  12. Str8on2

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    Progress report from Team Rockwell.......

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  13. DesertTime

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    Thanks. I found one of my old update emails and a link to the update site.
    It looks like folks should start getting razors sometime this month. I'm looking forward to hearing reports on how they shave.
  14. Str8on2

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    To keep those who have been waiting patiently on the release of their Model T razor, here is an update on its progress and another slight delay......

    posted by Rockwell RazorsNov 6, 2017 • 8:59PM
    10 hours ago
    October Update - Assembly & Pictures of Production Finishes
    Dear Backers,

    It’s been an extremely busy month since our last update, full of developments that we’re pleased to share.

    Domestic Assembly

    As you know from prior updates, we have had full parts for some time but getting the parts assembled and validating that the design is robust and passes our QC tests in mass production has been our final bottleneck. I want to start with delving into the most significant product decision that’s been drawn since our last update: The Rockwell Model T razors that backers will receive are being assembled in Canada. More precisely, they’re being assembled in Canada, at our facilities, overseen by our Canadian engineering firm as well as the Rockwell Razors team.


    The rationale for this decision is simple - the final bottleneck on getting all these products out the door and into our backers’ hands are the assembly and quality control steps. As you’ll recall, we’d made the original decision to have the Model T razors assembled at a professional assembly factory, but over the iterative process of dozens of test assemblies, with samples being shipped back and forth across the ocean for cross-examination throughout careful mass production, we realized that the final assembly steps are so critical to the quality of the razor that we need to have full control of this process in-house.


    By consulting with the assembly factory, our own engineers, and assembly specialists, we’ve now put the assembly directly in the hands of a team that produced the Model T design and DFM files themselves, with ultimate quality control being executed by the Rockwell team. This is the strategy we employed to produce, assemble, and quality check the extremely popular Rockwell 6S, and we’re confident that it is the best choice for the Model T as well. This will ensure that Model T razors are assembled the way they were meant to be, consistently, and with stringent quality control checks.


    All of the above pictures show a production White Chrome Model T razor being assembled, but we know many backers have been looking forward to seeing the production versions of other finishes - here they are!


    This is a Brushed Chrome Model T in a Stainless Steel Stand, to show the slight difference between the appearance of the two similar-looking finishes / materials


    The extremely-popular Gunmetal Model T!

    Final Part Adjustments

    In the process of testing the domestic assembly we also found two parts that individually were within tolerance but were still difficult to assemble while keeping overall tolerances (which directly affect blade gaps). This lead to a minor design change for these two internal parts that addresses the assembly issue and greatly improves overall tolerance when the razor is assembled. Given how important tolerance to specification is for a precision razor we have ordered changes to the molds for these two parts and will assemble all the razors with the two revised parts.

    What Does This Mean For Backers?

    While we’re behind schedule on when we hoped to ship out the first batch of Model T razors, we’re confident that this new assembly process and final part adjustments will get as many high-quality razors as possible in the hands of backers as soon as possible. We’re now hoping to receive the two adjusted parts and assemble a QC passed first batch by the end of the month, with the remaining razors soon to follow. Once assembly here is fully up-to-speed, we’ll be able to provide a better timeline for you all - we expect that timeline will be coming in the next update!

    Again, we understand that these delays can be frustrating but thank you for your support and patience. This is not our first razor and the lessons we learned with the Rockwell 6S, 6C and 2C is that we need to do the hard work to get it right upfront and cannot compromise to send out an inferior product. You, our backers deserve excellence, and that’s our commitment to you.

    Thank you for all your ongoing support while we do everything to make the Rockwell Model T the best razor in the world. We can’t wait for you all to receive your pledge rewards and be the first people in the world to try it! We’re confident you’ll be very proud of having been a part of the creation process of the Model T. Thank you again!

    Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors
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    I decided to order one the other day. I know I will be waiting until after most people get theirs, but I'm ok with that.
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  16. Str8on2

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    FYI........ Another minor delay. Here is the news directly from Rockwell Razors on their most recent update.

    posted by Rockwell RazorsDec 16, 2017 • 6:29PM
    19 hours ago
    December Update - Ongoing Assembly & Projected Shipping
    Dear Backers,

    Since the last update, we’ve been heads-down working to get these razors into your hands as soon as possible, and we wanted to ensure we’d made enough progress to share a meaningful update! In this update, we’re pleased to provide an updated shipping timeline, updates on the Canadian assembly process, and a final reflection of milestones for Rockwell in 2017.

    Final Parts Adjustments

    The production of the newly adjusted parts mentioned in the last update, specifically the T-Bar Head, was delayed due to testing showing issues with the adjusted molds being able to hold new tolerances, but these concerns have been were solved in with a minor design change. The change, for those interested, involved casting a the T-Bar Head and reaming a precise hole for press-fitting with the T-Bar Rod versus the earlier design which casting the T-Bar Head with a built-in hole, which displayed too much variation in full production. The production of the new T-Bar Heads is nearly complete. After completion of that production, we are rushing in the new T-bars for final reaming steps in Canada before the final, full assembly. We’ve scheduled this reaming process to take place shortly after machinists in Canada are back at work in early January, after the winter holidays.

    Updated Shipping Timelines

    At this time, based on availability of the new T-Bar Heads, we are expecting to begin fulfilling at the end of January, and expect to finish fulfilling by the end of May. The first razors to ship out will be White Chrome, with batches of the other finishes to follow shortly after. We’re doing everything in our power to accelerate the shipping timeline without compromising the stringent quality standards that must be adhered to in order to create Model T razors that deliver the best shave in the world.

    Canadian Assembly Process

    Assembly of the Model T in our own facilities has been moving along, but it’s become clear we will need additional machinery and additional assembly lines get up to a more productive rate of assembly. We’ve ordered these machines and they’re on their way. We’re expecting this will significantly assist in the assembly process and we’re factored this additional speed into our shipping timelines.

    Upcoming Update Dates

    We wanted to express that we certainly hear our backers’ requests for more predictable updates going forward, and we wanted to commit to up-front update dates for the next few months. You can expect to hear from us on January 26th, February 23rd, and March 30th.

    Milestones in 2017

    2017 has been quite a year for Rockwell Razors. The Rockwell Model T represents our most ambitious project to date, and although we are sorry about the delays, we are proud of the excellent work of our engineers and manufacturing partners. This razor is a precision instrument and has taken all our prior experience and commitment to quality to push through the engineering and production challenges. We’re in the final stretch and can’t wait to deliver to you in early 2018. The cost and complexity of manufacturing this razor also make it clear that you, our backers, are getting fantastic razor at a very significant discount to what the final retail price will be on this Model T, which is only fair given your incredible support. We haven’t settled on a final retail price, but it will almost certainly be north of $150 USD.

    In 2017 Rockwell has matured into a real operating company with a full product line including the widely praised Rockwell 6S and 6C, which are considered by many to be some of the best 3-piece razors available on the market. We have now shipped 100,000 razors and other products to happy customers. In addition, we have a full product line over 20 products including shaving cream, shave brushes, stands, beard products, and more. These product are now available online and from many retailers around the world. As a stable operating company you can rest assured that we have the means to fulfill our commitment to you to deliver the best Model T possible in 2018.

    Of course, we could never have achieved these milestones without the support of you, our backers. If this is your first Rockwell campaign or if you’ve been with us since the Rockwell 6S campaign (launched way back in 2014!), we can’t thank you enough for your incredible ongoing support.

    Some Final Words & Thanks

    We wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our backers that have continued their pledged support for the Model T project before we head into the holidays. When we launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first twist-to-open, adjustable razor in over 50 years, we certainly were not anticipating all the complex challenges that come along with such a unique, precision-dependent design, and the extended time it would take to bring the Model T to fruition.

    We certainly appreciate our backers that have been supportive through good news and bad news, and in the spirit of crowdfunding, the backers who have expressed that support either publicly or privately. At the same time, we recognize that some backers may no longer be interested in pledging their support for this project. In the past, we have offered backers the opportunity to withdraw their pledge and receive a refund - there appears to have been some confusion with backers thinking they didn’t have this option, likely due to many other campaigns not offering this same courtesy to their backers. We wanted to clarify that any backers no longer interested in supporting the Model T are welcome to email us at any time to request to withdraw their pledge - please do not just leave a comment on the comment board, as we are unable to process refunds without your email address and your confirmation via email. However we do want to be upfront in making it clear that the Rockwell Model T’s final retail price will be significantly higher than the crowdfunding pricing.

    Over the last 3 years trying our best to improve shaves around the world, we’re constantly learning about how to build better products and serve our customers better. Naturally, many of these lessons have to be learned by building on mistakes, and we’ve had a chance to learn an immense number of lessons in delivering over 100,000 razors to happy customers. The main lesson we’ve learned is that it’s always better to take our time to get things right rather than rushing; whether it’s a product, process, or even an email response to a customer. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us the time to get this product right - we expect you will love the Model T razor that ultimately reaches you, and it will be well worth the wait. Have a fantastic holiday season, and we’ll talk to you in the new year (though we’re of course available by email or by comment to answer questions any time)!


    Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors
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  17. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Another five months is not a minor delay and further extends the original delivery date to over a year (March 2017 - May 2018).
    I believe Rockwell is working hard to produce a good razor but may be in a bit over their heads. The root of these delays is not production, but design. They seem to have a design they cannot mass produce, constantly redesigning parts and assembly processes.

    These are smart guys and they'll learn and get there eventually. But, to me at least, it's a learning process for them and the initial optimism was the product of inexperience.

    Another issue would be a price point "north" of $15o for a pot-metal razor might be a tough sell. I know of a number of people on this site thought $99 was too much for a Zamak razor.
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  18. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    Totally agree! No way would i pay that much for a zamak razor, i personally wouldn't pay more than $50 for a zamak razor ... i did buy the Rockwell 6C new online for $40 and felt it was a good deal. Also i agree that is far from a minor delay for sure
  19. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Agreed. $150 is a critical number when speaking of charging a premium price for a premium product. And from what I have seen, that's a price point usually reserved for Razors made of more exotic metals. They are banking on producing something that is heirloom quality at an heirloom price point. That might be a tough sell, especially when the materials used are not of stainless, brass or a higher end alloy. Zamak? Not for $150 or north of that as they are suggesting..... That’s just me though. The time delay? That’s minor.....
  20. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    I've followed this thread on and off for several months now, and have not posted, but I am going to carefully weigh in on it now. In particular your last comment on the delay being minor is a bit surprising. If these guys had gotten investors to put money into the company, they would have been run off by now. The only reason is has worked for them is because they have used a crowd funding method. In reality, this delay when added to all the other delays should make people fairly angry. Why would someone have any more faith they are going to deliver this time? I could have sworn they said they were in production towards the end of summer, which is when I almost jumped on board. Yet, now they are saying 5 more months? I don't want to criticize anyone who chooses to invest, but this project is not going well. The Kickstarter site still shows brass components, not zamak. Where does all the faith come from? They haven't delivered on a commitment yet.

    I know it is a bit of a rant, and I apologize ahead if I offend, as it isn't geared towards anyone. I am just surprised people are putting up with this. Honestly, between the delays, changes in design, and poor price point, this razor has a chance to be a significant bust. I have heard Gareth is a good guy, so I hope that isn't the case, but it doesn't look good.
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