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    First impressions of Rocnel Elite 2019 razors. Brand new to me, I don't know a lot about them yet and have just started using them. As I'm a newbie here, if I'm wrong in starting this thread here, please move this to the appropriate place.

    Anyone that has this razor, please add your impressions here as well or comments, questions, etc.

    As I wrote, this is my first impression. Razors are made from 319L SS, handle is 87mm long, 13.5mm diam, the head is 42mm x 25mm, and weigh 128 grams.

    There are 2 versions: (1) Aggressive with a .52mm blade gap (2) Med Aggressive with a .35mm blade gap. I received one of each razor on Monday.

    I'm a straight razor shaver for the past 5 years and a DE shaver infrequently over the past 2 months so my comparisons may be a little biased. YMMV.

    Anyway, I shaved with the Aggressive Rocnel on Monday afternoon. Used Baum.BE shave cream, Simpson Chubby 2 brush, warm lather in my GP20, and a Polsilver SI blade. Went 2 passes on my face WTG and XTG and 2 passes on my neck WTG and ATG. It gave me a very good to excellent shave. The first thing I noticed was the squeegee effect of the solid bar on my cheek. There was no irritation at all. After finishing and rinsing my face, I ran the alum block across my face and there were no spots that stung at all. The results were not quite BBS but if I did a 3rd pass ATG on my face, maybe that would have done the trick.

    I shaved today (Weds) with the Rocnel Med Aggressive. Used Baum.BE shave cream, Jayaruh #327 brush, warm lather, and a polsilver SI blade. 2 passes WTG and XTG on my face and WTG and ATG on my neck. I thought it gave me as good a shave as the aggressive. Did get the squeegee effect on my cheek as well. Did get a little irritation on my neck when I ran the alum block over my face but no irritation anywhere else.

    Next shave with either razor will be with a feather blade and maybe a different shave soap/cream that's a little more lubricating.

    I really like both of these razors, they are definitely keepers.


    I want to add a few pictures, I just need to figure out how. Pictures I have are too big to upload.
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