Sapphoo KureNai (Shavette Hald DE blade)

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    The Sapphoo shop in AliExpress has quickly become a favorite of mine thanks to the Artist Club blades with guard.

    Some time ago, marketed by another shop (HRico Razors), I saw the half DE blade shavette KureNai GF35.
    I like the design and the classic colors.

    Today the same model is offered in shiny metal colors resulting from electroplating: KureNai G1113.

    I have read excellent reviews of the previous model.
    And I find the new one satisfying to the eye.
    With the usual price.
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    Interestingly, your link brings up the web page in Italian with pricing in US Dollars. Not a problem for me, but just interesting. I figured it would come up in English automatically since that's my system setting. E' buono ed utile a praticare!

    It's a really nice looking razor, but I have no luck with straights or their close cousins.
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    It was just the first.
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