Schick Hydro-Magic 500

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Gillette_Man, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    Anyone own one of these? How do they shave, and what's a good price for one in nice condition with a case?
  2. tom myers

    tom myers Member

    I have one of the original, shorter handled hydro-magics. I bought it new and used it for some time. As I recall, (and we're talking about 40 or so years ago), it shaved fine and was a lot easier to get the crud rinsed out of than my earlier injector. I don't really know if the head on the 500 is exactly the same, but I believe it is.

    As far as the value, I can't help at all.

  3. Hiya Rick,

    What are the odds.........I have one of those.......heh. No, I'v never shaved with the '500', but have used both 'K' types (hydro heads). I actually liked that type more than most injectors because the head weighs a little more. They shaved pretty much like the others such as 'J', 'L', and 'M' types. All are nice shavers that worked well on my face.

    If I remember correctly, the '500' type might be a little more aggressive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as you know. They do have a longer handle than most other injectors, which you probably already realized.

    I'd sell the one I have if you're interested. This is the Golden 500 version, with rounded black handle and gold head. The thing looks barely used, and the hydro mechanism works fine. It's got a box in poor condition I'll toss in, plus the instructions. You'd have a hard time finding a cleaner looking razor. How's $25 sound.......shipping included?

    No problem if you wanna pass on the deal.........just figured I'd make the offer.

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